January 18, 2017

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january 18, 2017

“Last week’s storm brought a lot of long-awaited and real swell,” says Maine photographer Natty Graham, who spends winters living, working, and surfing in Puerto rico. “I haven’t been here as long as others. but so far this season’s been slow. This day, however, was part of an absolute marathon. We checked all over the place and ended up hopping out at spots the whole way back to Rincon. This particular spot was kinda firing, though — it gives you a cool perspective of how many waves are in that small stretch. Ale Moreda tore the bag off this one. He would have been a contender in a heat netting some short but clean tube time and backing it up with this carve and then a layback. Very well executed overall. We’re just hoping this was a taste of what’s to come as, according to the calendars, we’re approaching due time for a more substantial swell. Here’s hoping Mother Nature has a lot more in store.”

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