January 11, 2017

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january 11, 2017

Ready to get cold again? Here’s what Great Lakes photographer, adventurer, and business owner Drew Kleine had to say about Lake Michigan for our January 11, 2017 Photo of the Day: “This is the reality us freshwater surfers here on the Lakes experience in the winter. Shelf ice and icebergs are the ultimate session shutdown, and it’s only a matter of time before it happens. I feel like this is an often overlooked subject, probably because it’s sketchy as hell to really immerse yourself in the ice to understand the effect it has. I drove four hours late after work on Sunday, January 8th, to St. Joseph, MI in hopes that the front coming from the south would bring high winds and swell. I woke in the van for dawn patrol to a balmy 15 degrees, howling winds, and absolutely shutdown shelf ice extending upwards of 200 yards from shore. Hard west winds the last week brought waves that built the shelf larger than I expected. So, rather than turning around and driving home, I figured I’d try and document what I was seeing. This shot was taken about 100 yards from land on the shelf. This is sketchy to go out on since it’s impossible to tell how thick it is where you’re walking (and it’s constantly breaking and shifting). Though it doesn’t look like it, the edge of the shelf in the photo is about a 10-foot drop to the water, making the refracting waves and barrels look dwarfed. But for now, I would say the west coast of Michigan is shut down until springtime.”

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