Ben Gravy gets to have all the fun gathering content for his engaging vlogs doing some of the most off the wall things including finding himself surfing with social media darling Casey Neistat at his birthday party at the Slater wave tank. Ben sums it up thusly:

“Absolutely honored to be invited to the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch for Casey Neistat’s birthday party! Completely blown away by the level of fun we had today, barrels, novelty waves, epic humans, this was the best wave pool experience I’ve ever had & I’m just tripping on it. THANK YOU CASEY for an aamzing day & to everyone who made it so fun & special. FOR THE DREAM!!! – Ben – ”

And, in the midst of all this Gravy scores what might be the deepest, longest soft board barrel ever witnessed in Lemore. Check out the ride starting at 13:30 minutes, pretty damn impressive we say. – Mez –