Story and photo by Mez ( please scroll down for complete sequence )

It was the kind of grab that has photographers like me lamenting why the frick I don’t shoot more video and the Quiksilver King Of The Peak veteran, all star judging panel with a tough decision; break the scale and award a ten for a single maneuver, balls-out bust or hold out for something a little more… spectacular?

It was, as KOP Contest director of nearly 20 years and First Father Of Functional Flight in surfing ( no matter what revisionist bullshit being served up elsewhere on the West Coast or by certain incorrect claims by WSL former pro-surfer announcers like to push ), Matt Kechele said ” The slob grab, the height and the way he stayed connected and rode out of it was a real King Of The Peak moment for me. All I could think was that was one world class air and the boost of the event for sure”.

Kechs reaction to Daniel Glenn’s stratospheric grab, loft and landing was spoken like a truly proud poppa watching his spawn take it to the next level after he lifted off and above wave faces at this very spot himself firing off and inspiring a revolution some 30 years ago.

In a two day contest filled with bat shit crazy air attempts – both landed and attempted – prudence and wisdom was probably the right call at the time and since I’m no judge – in fact I would suck at it with my still photogpahers prejudiced eye for action make it or not – so I won’t second guess the seasoned panel who got paid to do it and did it pretty g-damn damn well every heat.

But if spectacular was in the the criteria, and with rewarding KOP contestants for doing go-for-broke- air’s actually written into the new judging guidelines well, nobody would have called bullshit on 10’s across the board for Daniel Glenn’s hang time and degree of difficulty in landing and riding out of this 9.33 bomb drop featured here in’s latest “Sick-quence!”

Daniel Glenn KOP bonus Sick-quence! by Mez