December 12, 2016

December 12, 2016 • Uncategorized

The waves in this shot might not look like much if you live on the East Coast, but when you call Illinois home, this qualifies as downright epic. Photographer Drew Kleine takes it from here for our December 12, 2016 Photo of the Day: “Living in West Central Illinois is not the ideal place for a surfer. The travel is long, the winters are brutal, and being flexible is an absolute necessity. Usually every weekend calls for a new location with five, six, even nine hours in the van  the norm. Hell, I’m lucky if the local spot is firing and I’m suiting up in three hours. But that’s part of living in the Midwest and part of being a Great Lakes surfer. To be honest, I enjoy the hunt. Driving through the night after work and crashing out in my camper van only to wake up and witness pure magic where surfers aren’t thought to be found. Last week I found myself on the west side of Lake Michigan, fingers and toes numb, shooting these sunrise shots in 20º temps. After about 30 minutes of watching set after set roll in against the rising sun, I suited up and enjoyed a chill solo session.”

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