December 10, 2016

December 10, 2016 • Uncategorized

cj hobgood, sebastian inlet, dugan, photo of the day, december 10, 2016

World champs — they’re just like us! They surf small waves! They post up at the beach! They fish for snook! They haul in their own nets! They even carry color-coordinated bungee cords that match their Salty Crew boardshorts! Here’s CJ Hobgood, straight chilling with the common man at Sebastian Inlet last week: “December 1st saw a small but clean swell throughout Central Florida with offshore winds and sunny 88º temperatures,” says ESM Co-Founder / Publisher Tom Dugan. “There was a good group of surfers at First Peak — and a world champion. Ceej went out for a few waves, then spent some time fishing. But mostly he was just there to enjoy the waves and weather with his buds.” Which makes for a perfect Saturday December 10, 2016 Photo of the Day.

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