December 1, 2016

December 1, 2016 • Uncategorized

Mikey Peyton, Alabama Gulf Coast. Photo: Alex Dantin

“What a day yesterday was!” says Gulf Coast photographer Alex Dantin. “Knowing that the winds would shift there before home, Sterling Spencer and the Salty Humans made the call to drive over the state line to Alabama to chase a storm front that was headed our direction to try and get as much daylight as possible. The front was approaching a little faster than we anticipated and when we got there the heavens opened up around 1:15 PM. We took shelter in a condo parking garage near the spot with our eyes glued to the water waiting for things to clean up. As soon as the lightning stopped, Brian Donovan wasted no time and was the first one out with Sterling and Mikey Peyton (pictured here) not far behind. As the conditions were turning in our favor, I couldn’t believe we had been there for over an hour with just  those guys in the water and not a soul on the beach — except one couple that was checking out the action from their condo balcony. Floribama is a true ghost town during this time of the year. But of course that scene changed super quick with conditions like that. The rest of the party showed up as the afternoon went on, with guys jumping in the water right at dusk to try and snag at least one wave. It was a great day for all of us!”

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