Co-Vid’s: Logan Marshall’s “Abeyance” Is A Cinematic Joy

June 24, 2020 • Uncategorized

For such a young kid and  video / production neophyte at age 19, the Outer Banks’ Logan Marshall is getting pretty deep into it, well, way deep, as his filming prowess continues to quickly ascend with each new drop like this excellent long player.

His latest effort presented here titled “Abeyance” – meaning a state of temporary disuse or suspension, a spot on description for these pandemic times – is no doubt his best to date on all levels leaving us wondering what he’ll be conjuring up by the time he’s old enough to order a beer at the Outer Banks Brewing station.

We look forward to keep bearing witness to his continuing evolution and enjoying the great content he is producing and we’ll let young Logan explain this latest effort in his own writ just below the video.

And do yourself a favor and listen to this on a macking stereo, it rips both in sound and in sight featuring Right Coaster rippers Bo Raynor, Nick Marshall, Gabe Morvil, Rob Brown, Jesse raynor, Nate Behl, Matt Beacham, Steve Muglia, Will Deane along with international pro heavies John Florence, Noah Deane, Kiron Jabor, Derek Ho, Koa Rothman and others. – Mez –

Abeyance from Logan Marshall on Vimeo.

“The concept was to use certain sounds and effects to control the way your mind perceives the video without actually having a narrative or a story. I’ve been studying this stuff since January and have even worked with several college psychology majors. For example, pay attention to the framing of the video. I used cinema boarders and designed them to gradually change in size throughout the video depending on how cinematic I wanted each scene to be. That way I could have a balance of cinematic artistic editing and high energy surfing.

Sonically, I spent months editing and designing. I muted the music and tried to make each wave sound as realistic as possible. Then, I went through and added random sounds in the background (working on a 5.1 surround sound version now) that are known to trigger certain feelings in your head. For example, an ice cream truck is known to trigger nostalgia, while the sound of glass breaking is meant to trigger curiosity and works when building suspense.

Color wise, I figured changing the color of certain visuals would help each scene have it’s own feeling. If you pay attention to the Outer Banks scene, the clouds are mostly purple or pink and there’s several hints of blue in the broll. I purposely altered the appearance of a lot of these clips with intention to make it very vibrant and dream like.

I filmed this over a few months in Hawaii and during quarantine on the OBX. I was lucky enough to shoot really good pipe for two weeks straight and then had the privilege of working with several very talented surfers like Nick Marshall and Nate Behl. The Outer Banks section was filmed over quarantine with Bo. We were also accompanied by Matt Beacham for several sessions”. – Logan Marshall –