Big News! NJ’s Novelty Wave King Ben Gravy Surfs All 50 States!

August 16, 2019 • Uncategorized

But wait. Are there actually surf-able “waves” in all 50 states? Depends on your definition of what that exactly is we suppose. But, before you get all snarky and condescending in all your comment board anonymity, consider the sheer fantastic-ness of this accomplishment. To seek out anything, and we mean anything, that might move enough to float a surfboard across a piece of natural, moving water in places like say, Idaho. Or Nebraska, North Dakota and Oklahoma where no ocean or any of the Great Lakes touches those state borders. It might mean a river rock with mere inches, or maybe a foot if lucky, of riding surface you can float a soft top over for a few second. That takes a certain kind of person. A person with bulldog commitment, excellent planning skills, technical excellence in all facets filming and editing, media savvy, fear of not failing and, most importantly not giving a flying fuck about what you or anyone else thinks and the passion to stay on mission until you ride that last wave in that last state. And New Jersey’s Ben Gravy ( aka Ben Graeff ) is just that man and here is the proof positive say what you will. We say right on and congrats Ben and thanks for taking us along to live the dream with you through all 50 states of our beautiful American union- what a long, wonderfully strange trip it was. Guinness World Record entry anyone? – Mez –