Archive Dive: Slater’s Rubberman Tow-At Sick-quence ! By Mez

February 19, 2021 • Uncategorized

The call came out of the blue to the ESM office one beautiful, January 2005 afternoon from a wound-up Matt kechele ; Slater is at my house and we’re taking the ski out up the beach from the Inlet, get yer ass down here quick. I can’t remember why exactly my partner Tom Dugan didn’t bail with me but it was probably and ad deadline, or his equipment was at his house and he’d have to get it, but think it was both. There was only a few short hours of good light left to try and make some hay and all my gear was in my car so I made the eight miles south towards Sebastian in record timed and pulling over at Chernobyls where they were already getting after it. I set up my 600 mm, which was a little tight as the waves were breaking close to the beach, but it was glassy, with exceptionally clear winter light, so I figured “tight and bright” was the way to go to capture the up close details graphically. With both kech and Kelly that’s all you need and I ended up scoring some amazing shots which, who knows why, most have never seen the light of day with the exception being a backside air of  The Champ we used on the cover to illustrate his 5’th world title. I stumbled across these just the other day looking for something else fro 2005 and thought it would be a great ESM Archive Dive Sick-quence! and, because of all the un-seen gems we mined in under 3 hours there will be a follow up photo gallery next week so keep you eye’s peeled for it ! – Mez –

Slater’s Rubbeman Sick-quence! By Mez from richard meseroll on Vimeo.