Co-Vid’s: Why Wait For Winter? Ben Gravy’s Great Lakes Fall Adventure!

November 5, 2020 • Ben Gravy, Travel, Vlogs

There are Autumn storm swells hitting, cold front swells starting to kick in and there is still hurricane season potential which, we’re guessing, is definitely not over. Not by a long shot. So, why wouldn’t Ben Gravy and filmer / sidekick, Ryan Mack leave all that Atlantic Ocean hub-bub and head west to the… Great Lakes? Well, here’s why – for unbridled, off the grid adventure, bucket list kinda shit, that is, if you live inside the mind of Mr. Gravy like he lives inside his mind, one that is, admirably, wide open to possibilities you don’t – or won’t – even think about.”This newest vlog is titled “The Great Lakes Trifecta” and it involves surfing  Lake Erie where it touches the shores of  in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio in snowy, freezing cold weather. And we love their spirit for charging it as does the entirety of Ben’s huge, Nub Nation following ( “Nub Heads” branded with wool, beanie style BG pineapple hats just in time for winter? We smell a merch opportunity here, buddy! ). Life should be an adventure and here’s one well worth viewing that’s as funny and fun to watch. – Mez –

Your brand here Ben Gravy Pineapple Heads!

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