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This ESM Sick-quence! of longtime Outer Banks devotee, Brad Harrel at S-Turns was taken the day before the last day of the 2007 Eastern Association Championships. As a nasty low pressure system with sub-tropical characteristics formed nearshore causing Victory At Sea Conditions, it conversely created a perfectly timed lay day as Hurricane Kyle passed further offshore pouring in swell of it’s own. While it took most of this day before the winds turned west cleaning up the messy conditions and the sun to emerge, it became all time due to this unusual two storm set-up with Harrle’s Barrel becoming one of the all time best barrels I ever photographed on the East Coast and the Outer Banks. Check both the GIF and frame by frame below. – Mez – @mezapixels on IG

Brad Harrel’s S-Turn Barrel By Mez from richard meseroll on Vimeo.