Trippin’: Cam Richards And The Village Surf Shop Crew shred La Isla!

February 8, 2018 • Photos, Tripping

As a go-to surf destination, Puerto Rico is dependable, close by, warm, friendly and the perfect get-away for east coasters jetting in directly to Base Ramey looking for a quick mid-winter wave fix, to shed all that effin’ neoprene and just relax and thaw out a bit under blazingly sunny skies.

Really, it’s almost too easy and the local business’s want you all to know they are open for business after being dealt a couple of crippling blows from the mean, tropical cyclone season!

Shaper and surfshop owner Kelly, along with son Cam Richards, once again rounded up a winter weary South Carolina posse in January and made the most of what La Isla Del Encanto had on offer for them- fun, 3 to 4 foot plus surf out on the Northwest corner’s beautiful, tropical setting and left no lip un-bashed nor section not vaulted over.

It only takes 3-4 foot plus surf to keep a Village  happy. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Yeah sure, the waves don’t exactly look epic and you know, it doesn’t always have to be when your a thousand miles away from sub-freezing air temps and water in the 40’s and no meteorological relief in sight.

Sometimes fun surf is more than good enough for the rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit while the cruelest month of winter grinds on slowly by back home.

Especially when you’re doing it in trunks, no t-shirt while wearing a sunburned, shit eating grin and sipping on an icy cold Medalla beer.

– Mez  –

We’ll take it! Photo: Kent Ficklin

Young Richards ripping. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Perfection surfboards Shaper and Village owner / operator, Kelly Richards on a perfect Caribbean blue beauty Photo: Kent Ficklin

Luke Gordon was trading serious blows with buddy Cam and his future is bright as the tropical sun. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Cam doing the no-paddle tip toe over the razor coral at La Piedra. Photo: Kent Ficklin

From small wave aerialist extremist with all the grabs and variations on lock to a recent story book run and a finals birth at the Volcom Pipe Pro in some serious heavy water speaks volumes to Cam’s versatility. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Palladin Pellicia. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Lucas Monntsinger. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Sizing it up somewhere on PR’s wave filled northwest coast. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Sterling Makish. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Luke Gordon. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Cam Richards. Photo: Kent Ficklin

Da Village crew. Photo: Kent Ficklin