The Dugan Files: The Satellite Sessions 03/21/2019

March 28, 2019 • Photos, Swell Gallery

Last week the state of Florida had surf that kept everyone busy and surfed out. The first few days of the Spring of 2019 were a bit windy, but there was plenty of chunky sections and fun waves leading up to Thursday and Friday. As a late season cold front pushed down the peninsula Thursday saw the wind clocking offshore cleaning up the waves beautifully but the wind blustery creating a bit of work to catch, paddle and drop into the waves. The wind continued to stay strong all day but it helped clean up the swell that was running in the 4 to 6 foot range from the north. As per usual on the East Coast the swell dropped overnight along with the wind and Friday saw as good of conditions as you can ever hope for. Perfect, clean, glassy waves were on hand all day from dawn till dusk with the late afternoon conditions and weather being what you can only call perfect in every sense of the word.

Check out the photos below taken in Satellite Beach in Central Florida. Here’s hoping we get many more of these days all up and down the coast before Spring is over. – Tom Dugan –

If there’s a big swell in central Florida , George Drazich will be on it. ALWAYS ! Thursday PHOTO : DUGAN

Having two good days of waves got things moving. Will Whitlock shakes it up. PHOTO : DUGAN

There were a handful of girls out surfing and one of the best was Ava Woodland drawing a highline snap. PHOTO : DUGAN

Thursday had the size but Friday saw perfect conditions all day long. Sunny skies, offshore winds, and pumping surf. It was a good few days in Florida. PHOTO : DUGAN

Back from a few years out on the West Coast, Christian Daniels said after his session on Friday, “THE WAVES ARE BETTER THAN CALIFORNIA !” Christian grabbing some air in the shorebreak. PHOTO : DUGAN

Satellite Beach local Jason Ochipa taking the top off of a clean one. PHOTO : DUGAN

If you have been surfing Satellite Beach breaks over the last 30 or so years, you may have run into Bruce Alcock pictured here. If anyone knows the local breaks and sandbars it’s this guy. PHOTO : DUGAN

Randy Nolan was asking on Facebrag when the next swell would get here and that he needed to surf some waves. His prayers were answered and then some. PHOTO : DUGAN

Recent Sebastian Inlet Pro Legends winner Dave Speir on Thursday banging the section st8-up and growing that legend even larger at the age of 48. Look at this move and think about what your surfing might be like nearing 50 years of age and know that guy’s like Dave are living proof that surfing and keeping your stoke high is the Fountain Of  Youth. PHOTO : DUGAN

The waves dropped in size on Friday but the conditions were better with straight offshore winds from dawn till dark. Coral Schuster making the most of a little set wave. PHOTO : DUGAN

With the weather being warm and waves finally here, it was a great time for surfers and their friends to have a little beach fun on their Spring Break. PHOTO : DUGAN

George Drazich on a wild ride Thursday morning. PHOTO : DUGAN

Tommy Coleman on a borrowed board Friday, trying new things out. Looks like it goes pretty well for him. PHOTO : DUGAN

This wave is like Gary Wheeler’s backyard. He works right across the street so it’s nothing for him to check the conditions at will never missing a good swell when it’s on. PHOTO : DUGAN

Martin Jeri moved from Peru to Brevard a few years ago to shape and sell his surfboards. When there are waves you will find him doing a little R&R out in the water. PHOTO : DUGAN

When you have waves like this you stay out for as long as you can. Surfers this day came out of the water tired and cold but all with smiles on their weary faces. PHOTO : DUGAN

Another surfboard shaper testing his equipment. Sam Barker making things happen. PHOTO : DUGAN

Time is on Tommy Colemans side. Looks like 11:58 to us. PHOTO : DUGAN

Jamey Horst snaps one off the lip. Clean surf makes for great surfing. PHOTO : DUGAN