Nuthin’ But Photos- Our WSL Florida Pro Mega Photo Gallery!

February 2, 2018 • East Coast Contests, Swell Gallery, WSL

Nobody needs to tell you what happened, it’s all been written about ad nauseum and propelled at the speed of the internet and Instagram.

You watched the WSL’s QS rated (Womens 6,000 and Mens 1500 ) 2018 Florida Pro live and listened to the broadcast announcers dissect every ride, competitor scouting report, the tricky, shifting waves of Sebastian Inlet and all the nuances of big time pro surfing, The Greatest Show On Earth.

High above the Florida Pro, Sebastian Inlet State Park, Florida. Photo: Mez

What you haven’t seen yet is our stash of photos which we present here unfettered with words of analysis, hype and boring hard copy.

Florida Pro winner, Caroline Marks gets the chair from locals ripper Chauncey Robinson (left) and top east coast photographer, Nathan Adams. Photo: Mike Vuocolo

Just the best photos we compiled during six long but glorious days while witnessing the triumphant return of pro surfing to the east coast and Sebastian Inlet.

And damn wasn’t it a good time!

Caroline Marks. Photo: Tom Dugan

What, us worry? Hardly necessary the way she went through the line-up chewing up opponents like a bull shark tearing up a bait ball in September. Papi Darren and WSL rookie, Caroline Marks, all smiles and confidence. Photo: Mez

Mens winner, Evan Geiselman had a pretty dominant march through the ranks himself only faltering in the final until  he hit “the walk-off homer heard around the world” at the horn against Jake Marshall. Photo: Dugan

Cam Richards ( left ) and brother Eric give Evan the chair. Photo: Vuocolo

Cam Richards flaring and had a great contest himself. Photo: Dugan

Some like it hot …

… and others just learn to deal with the crazy weather of a January week in Central Florida. Photos: Dugan ( previous ) and Mez

Japan’s Ren Yoshimoto. Photo: Dugan

The sign of a good leader, Florida Pro organizer Mitch Varnes was not afraid to get his hands dirty and help the stellar Florida Pro staff get the job done wherever needed. Photo: Mez

Event site, the most impressive structure since they re-built the old snack bar. Photo: Mez

Coco Ho, a detailed study in form, style, concentration and surfboard hydrodynamics. Photo: Dugan

A six day run of waves that never got epic but it coulda’ been worse, a whole helluva lot worse and nobody was complaining. Photo: Voucolo

The unfailingly polite and always smiling Kevin Schulz from San Clemente was one of the in form surfers of the mens event and a crowd favorite who was stopped just short of a semi final berth. Photo: Dugan

Legends and Icons winner Aaron Cormican added on to his east coast legacy (and bank account with a 4 G check) and contest dominance at Sebastian. Nobody ever wants to draw this guy in a pro heat surfing this place. Photo: Mez

Aaron Cormican carving his way to the win during the finals. Photo: Mez

Announcers William Kimball ( left ) and Shea Lopez killed on the live broadcast Mic. Photo: Mez

Ben Bourgeois during the Legends and Icons event final crushed it on a borrowed, un-ridden Aaron Cormican shape – and a borrowed wetsuit – good enough for second place. Two nights later he was accepting his induction into the East Coast Surfing Hall Of Fame at Surf Expo in Orlando. Photo: Mez

Speaking of Hall Of Fames and Legends and Icons. ( left to right ) Jeff Klugel, Sid Abbruzzi, Jim Hogan, Matt Kechele and Pat Mulhern. Photo: Mez

Hometown support. Photo: Mez

One of many hometown favorites in a contest filled with Central Florida hometown favorites, Tommy Coleman. Photo: Mez

Tommy Coleman. Photo: Dugan

Another crowd favorite, Silvana Lima. This girl, like many women on tour, is breaking performance ceilings and lifting the bar of female surfing into sub orbit and beyond. Photo: Mez

Silvana Lima rocketing off the lip. Photo: Dugan

Just like the grom days- Family Lopez on the beach cheering Cory on in the Legends and Icons final. Photo: Mez

South Florida’s Georgio Gomez. Photo: Dugan

Eastern Canada’s Logan Landry. Photo: Mez

Moose on the mic along with Gordon Lawson. The kid definitely has the charisma and refreshing, wide-eyed grom’s view of pro surfing that made for a very entertaining pairing. Photo: Mez

A bonus, opposing angles “Crossfire” POV of Victor Farias photo by Mez here …

…and Tom Dugan here.

Twins in the house. Photo: Mez

Gabe Kling monster huck. Photo: Mez

Gabe, Mendia, Cory, Papi Lopez and assorted family and friends staying warm in the lee of the event scaffolding during the blustery Legends and Icons. Photo: Mez

Chauncey Robinson had one hell of an impressive run and was the last Sebastian Inlet regular left standing. Photo: Mez

Ozzie Sophie McCullock. Photo: Dugan

Evan Geiselman. Photo: Dugan

East Coast Wrecking Crew. Photo: Dugan

Josh Burke announced his presence with authority from heat one and was unrelenting til being eliminated in the semi’s. This kid could have easily won the whole thing if the better waves had kept coming his way. Photo: Dugan

Top shelf talent of all sizes, age and regionality: North Florida’s veteran Asher Nolan, North Carolina’s up and comer, Steve Pittman, California’s stone cold ripper, Kevin Schulz and eastern Canada’s lone pro competitor, Logan Landry. Photo: Dugan

Australia’s veteran pro, Claire Bevilacqua. Photo: Dugan

Sebastian second generation surfer, Blake Speir poses with his more than life sized Florida Pro poster boy self. Photo: Dugan

Australia’s Marry Callaghan. Photo: Dugan

Josh Burke simply destroying this Larry’s Lefts section right in front of the judges tower on his way to an impressive third place finish. Photo: Vuocolo

Evan and Eric Geiselman and friends. Photo: Mez

After the last heat left the water, event co-director and indefatigable announcer, Gordon “Gordo” Lawson rated the inaugural, six day Florida Pro marathon with double shakas. Photo: Mez

One last visual action blast by Evan Geiselman. Photo: Vuocolo

Event Director Matt Kechele takes a post successful, contest victory lap by paying homage to his backside, layback in the barrels of First Peak which is, along with his pioneering air’s, his trademark move. Photo: Mez

Mitch Varnes loading out say’s see ya next year at the 2019 Florida Pro and we say we can hardly wait! Photo: Mez