November 2015 Swell Gallery

December 1, 2015 • Swell Gallery

After a long summer drought, the last two months on the East Coast have been veritable cornucopias of fun, with a steady stream of user-friendly swells stretching across nearly every week in November. Best of all, many of them arrived under beautiful fall conditions — sunny skies, crisp temperatures, light winds, and, especially around Thanksgiving, plenty of friends and family to share with. We picked 30 shots to represent the 30 fun days of November’s all-you-can-eat buffet, and guess what? There are plenty of leftovers sitting around that we’ll be deploying elsewhere as 2015 draws to a close. Without further ado…

  • How fun was November's run of well? So fun that Ocean City, MD, native and champion bodyboarder Brian Stoehr has embraced a complete rethinking of his entire waveriding approach. “I've been having a blast riding this nine-foot Catch Surf log in waves breaking 10 feet off the beach more and more.,” Stoehr says. “ Photo: Brian Stoehr
  • “It was great to have rippable waves in New Jersey for a stretch last Sunday and Monday,” says LBI photographer Chris Boice. “Royce Weber and Brian Farias were killing it this day, but I really liked this empty lineup, too.” Photo: Chris Boice
  • Grant Monahan, who operates the popular Ditch Witch food truck in Montauk with his parents, savors every opportunity to get his mind right when fun waves appear. Photo: Ross Cauvel
  • The WSL Sprite Soup Bowl Pro Junior didn't turn on like this during its November 12th-15th window. But that's OK with locals like Josh Burke — even though he wanted the world to see how good his back yard can get, he was totally happy to enjoy epic conditions like this all to himself, too. Photo: Mark Harris
  • The best part of November's run of fun waves? The fact that it was accompanied by beautiful fall conditions nearly the entire time. Pat Schmidt leaps for joy during golden hour. Photo: Mike Incitti
  • How's that water color? Gabe Kling, pumped on St. Augustine looking a little like Nicaragua for a brief window back on November 11th. Photo: Cody Coleman
  • “The swell from Tropical Storm Kate made it here on November 13th,” says Cape Cod photographer Scott Crivellaro. “Believe it or not, this peeled across the beach — not a closeout. Defines the term nuking.” Photo: Scott Crivellaro
  • The term nuking also applied to Puerto Rico's surf on November 27th, when the meatiest swell of the fall arrived just in time for Thanksgiving weekend. Here's Ricardo Delgado digging right in. Photo: Luis Santiago
  • Nohea Futrell, perfectly slotted at Avalon Pier in the peaceful weekend zone between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Photo: Bob Hovey
  • We'll just go ahead and call this Golden Wednesday in New Jersey. Talk about a nice way to get prepped for Thanksgiving. Photo: Christor Lukasiewicz
  • While most kids only care about getting on Santa's nice list come December, Cocoa Beach, FL, grom William Hedleston is more concerned about blowing old St. Nick's mind with aggressive maneuvers. Wonder which approach will pay off more in the long run? Photo: Hedleston
  • Rhode Island might be the smallest US state by size, but what it lacks in square mileage it more than makes up for in idyllic views. Photo: Dave Sieczkiewicz
  • And then there's Nova Scotia, which boasts 6,478 total miles of shoreline (compare that to Rhode Island's 384). That means there's plenty of room for Jacob Albury and friends to roam. Photo: Jason Keddy
  • “It's been five months since I last visited home, one month since my last time surfing or shooting, and many, many months since I have scored Ocean City, MD, as fun and as classic as this day with my brother Taber and friends Seth Conboy and Ryan Thane,” says photographer and marketer Adam Bartoshesky. “The perfect thing to burn off those Thanksgiving meals and send me back to Los Angeles smiling.” Photo: Adam Bartoshesky
  • “In addition to being a nice guy, Liam Burke was the best surfer out this day in Long Island,” says ESM Publisher and Co-Founder Tom Dugan. “And his dad is Robert John Burke from Law & Order, Robocop 2, and many more films and TV shows. Pretty cool I think.” Photo: Dugan
  • “We had some high tide fun ones on Sunday,” says New Jersey native and frequent Dominican Republic flier Daniel Stockdale. “No sun and no wind — just glassy all day. On Monday, the size dropped a bit, but not the fun factor. Here's Papito Santana proving that.” Photo: Daniel Stockdale
  • The more we see of rising New Hampshire surfer Kainalu Nichols, the more we like. Will Kai make as big of national impact as past Granite State stars like Kevin Grondin and Casey Lockwood? Only time will tell — but having dad Lenny running the ESA-Northern New England District certainly helps to stoke the competitive flames. Photo: John Carden
  • Pensacola Beach, FL, so hot even when it looks so cold. In this neck of the woods, being on it before the front has even passed is critical to scoring sizable winter surf Photo: Alex Dantin
  • “This is from Saturday morning on the south end of LBI,” says photographer Jim Givas. “I caught up with Conor Willem, Ron Ferrara, and some of the Ward Army crew. It was a short session with pretty good waves in the chest- to head-high range. As the tide started going out, one section started tubing pretty consistently. It didn’t last very long, but it was fun while it did.” Photo: Jim Givas
  • “I shot this photo before the sun came up on November 24th while the sky was putting on an amazing light show,” says New York photographer Jeff Henson. “The colors cascading down from the sky and on to the water made for some outstanding tones and saturation. You can see the lighthouse in the distance shining bright out to sea. Nailing this shot is something I've been working on for a couple months now, and I'm so stoked I finally got it. It takes about seven seconds for the light to make a full rotation, so the timing of nature, light, and shutter release is key. To me, it was important to not only have a wave in the frame but also a landscape off in the distance to provide another perspective of my favorite break.” Photo: Jeff Henson
  • Yes, this photo was taken on November 10th, before late-fall/early-winter weather had fully descended on the Carolinas. Now that the air and water temps have started dropping, Grace Muckenfuss is no doubt dreaming of the flexibility that comes from surfing in just a long-sleeve top. Photo: Derf Williams
  • Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, local surfers consider it a major plus when it's warm enough to not wear gloves with your hood and boots. The ability to always find kegging overhead beachbreaks when swell is in the water surely makes the cold conditions that much easier to bear. Photo: Henry Van Thaden
  • “Here's a shot of our Thanksgiving in Delaware,” says homegrown photographer Joey Dwyer, who now lives in New York. “It was dreamlike for two days: 70 degrees, zero wind, and peaky nugs everywhere.” Photo: Joey Dwyer
  • “There was a lot to be thankful this year in North Carolina around Thanksgiving,” says photographer Chandler Hatch. “It honestly has been such a bad year for waves here unless you live in the Outer Banks, but finally Wrightsville Beach had a pulse. On top of that, it was in the mid 70s and the sun was out, which is rare — usually a winter swell means 40 degrees with 15 mph winds and some front or storm. So it was honestly an amazing weekend. It was great seeing some of the guys home for the holidays — Mason Barnes has been out in Cali, Knox Harris and his brother and father all paddled out together to trade off waves, Fisher Heverly was there to show the entire crowd that no matter how big or small the waves are, he can still dismantle them, and then Luke Gordon, Bo Raynor, Micha Cantor, and Gabe Morvil came up to have a bit of a reunion from the groms trip I did with them for Surfline. Overall, it was a great Thanksgiving weekend filled with family, friends, food, and, for a change, waves. As the winter gears up and the boys start heading for warmer climates, it was nice to have one last fun swell with everyone together.” Photo: Chandler Hatch
  • But hey, that's what the tropics are for, right? Here's Puerto Rico's Dylan Graves, totally at ease (and totally warm) in a situation that most surfers would consider terrifying. Photo: Darren Muschett
  • But remember — it is possible to capture the same feeling during a near-solo sunset session, too. Unknown cruiser, rounding the corner into anonymous glory in Rhode Island. Photo: Jonathan Clancy
  • We're calling LBI photographer Kyle Gronostajski the new king of the understatement: “No shortage of waves lately. Been surfing more and only shooting a bit, especially because this weekend didn't have the best light. But here's one of Conor Willem.” Photo: Kyle Gronostajski
  • And here's one of New York under a beautiful nearly full moon... Photo: Corey Stanton
  • ...And here's one of Sunny Wood stuffing himself on the best kind of dish in New England, the historic home of Thanksgiving... Photo: Jonathan Nimerfroh
  • ...And, to close things out, here's one of David Speir gorging himself on his favorite Sebastian Inlet buffet. Talk about an all-you-can-eat kind of month, from beginning to end. Photo: Nathaniel Harrington

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