For a major storm arriving in the middle of January, this week’s nor’easter wasn’t nearly as wintry as expected. Yes, strong winds hammered the region — 40-50 mph in Boston and on Cape Cod, 63 mph gusts recorded in Cape May, NJ, and Slaughter Beach, DE, and downed trees and power lines across New York and Southern New England. But heavy rain and sleet was more then name of the game, with snow and ice limited to interior sections of the region and northern New England.

Coastal flooding was serious along the Delmarva Peninsula, South Jersey, and parts of Long Island, but an upper-level pattern and the track of the surface low-pressure system prevented this week’s swell from being identified as a blizzard or snow event. Still, it was cold — but depending on where you were and when the winds switched, it was also about as good as it gets, with freight train barrels everywhere from Maryland north, solid surf in South Florida, and the first few pulses stretching all the way to Puerto Rico. As we like to say, forget hurricane season — if you really want to see the East Coast in all its saltwater glory, wait for a nor’easter like this week’s to pass. Check the following images, presented with minimal interruptions to highlight the power of each photo, if you don’t believe us…

nor'easter swell gallery

Sam Hammer, New Jersey. Photo: Jay Rutkowski

Chad Hinkley, South Florida. Photo: Logan Suarez-Penrod

Owen Moss, North Carolina. Photo: Asher Nolan

Dylan Sims, Florida Panhandle. Photo: Katelyn Smith

Raven Lundy, Delmarva. Photo: Mike Incitti

New Jersey. Photo: John Gilman

West Florida. Photo: Michael Dolan

Grant Monahan, New York. Photo: Drew Maloney

New England. Photo: Ralph Fatello

Brian Bassett, North Carolina. Photo: Robbie Vallad

New York. Photo: Evan Conway

South Florida. Photo: Mark Walsh

Jorge Rivera. Photo: Babby Quiñones

Unidentified, New Jersey. Photo: Dave Nilsen

Maryland. Photo: Nick Tribuno

New Jersey. Photo: Mike Incitti

North Carolina. Photo: Woody Harris

Chase Modelski, South Florida. Photo: Jeff Biege

North Carolina. Photo: Asher Nolan

Sam Crumm, Puerto Rico. Photo: Brian Landergan

New York. Photo: Mike Nelson

North Carolina. Photo: Graham Hunt

New Jersey. Photo: Shawn Casey

New York. Photo: Joe O’Connor

Maryland. Photo: Ryan Owen


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