Unless you’re a salty old-timer, we bet you can’t think of a better East Coast fall-winter run of waves than the one we’re currently enjoying. Consider this: before Winter Storm Juno walloped the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast on Monday, January 26th with heavy snow, heavier winds, and even heavier waves, much of the East Coast enjoyed a solid little spurt of weekend swell action. Today, on January 29th, residual energy from Juno’s massive storm system is impacting the Southeast and Caribbean. And guess what? Another storm looks to push off the Eastern Seaboard this weekend and into next week, delivering even more winter weather and winter waves to all pockets of our backyard.

But forget all that noise for a second, and let’s look back at the snowy tranquility of this last week. When North Carolina went off the charts (Saturday and Sunday). When Ocean City, Maryland and Ocean County, New Jersey, broke top to bottom. When Rockaway Beach and Long Beach and Lido Beach enjoyed barrels of barrels on top of barrels. When Montauk Lighthouse and Point Judith Lighthouse both reeled perfectly. When The Wall and The Washout both went all-time. When the snow fell and the cold wind blew and part-time surfers stayed home and a good chunk of the Rightside basked in as-good-as-it-gets conditions combined with as-bad-as-it-gets weather — which, of course, is the scenario that all true East Coasters love more than anything. Note the lack of people in the following photos. Note the perfect waves. Note the impassable roads and the police blockades and the towering snow banks — and note that, with enough drive and dedication, you too could surf these waves. But you have to work for them. Fight for them. Freeze for them. To the victor go the spoils, and to the diehard go the bombs.


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