Hurricane Joaquin Swell Gallery Part 3

October 9, 2015 • Swell Gallery

Wow. Just wow. Do we really need to say anything else? After the slowest hurricane season in recent memory, the combination of Hurricane Joaquin, a frontal trough in the western Atlantic, one low pressure off the Southeast coast and another in the Gulf of Mexico, plus a high pressure cell off the Northeast coast delivered the most epic run of surf in recent memory — particularly in Florida, which after several months of near-flatness has been in the four- to six-foot and Good-Epic range for the better part of two weeks now. Nearly every other corner of the East Coast has had its own moments of brilliance, although it hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows: the Bahamas absorbed a direct hit from Joaquin, historic flooding devastated portions of South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia have battled nonstop onshore winds, and it took several days for things to finally come together in the Northeast. But when they did? Well, just have a look below, and stay tuned for more later this week, and in our November issue, and by clicking here (Joaquin Part 2)here (Joaquin Part 1) and here (End of September Swell Gallery)… Now, if you’re still in one piece, remember to thank the wave gods because the last few weeks have been something special in our neck of the woods.

  • East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame member Tim Briers doesn’t get to see his Central Florida backyard fire like this very often. Which explains his casual approach to this beautiful lefthand runner. When it’s this good, there’s nothing wrong with taking a moment to savor the view. Photo: Rich Thompson
  • As the crow flies, Clay Pollioni doesn’t live far from Long Beach Island. LBI and Seaside Heights represent two very different slices of Jersey Shore life, however. But with a gracious host in Conor Willem and a deep crew heading down for the day with him, Clay still looked right at home. Photo: Jim Givas
  • This shot only hints at the freight train nature of the lefts in Long Beach, NY, the other day. Stay tuned to our November issue — there’s much, much more where this came from. Photo: Mike Nelson
  • Who would have thought that the best big-wave training grounds for Rachel Presti this fall would come just a few miles north of her Melbourne Beach, FL, home? Talk about leaning in and standing tall. Photo: Chris Wilson
  • And who would have thought that spots as far away as the Great Lakes would benefit from the complex weather systems that preceded, accompanied, and followed Hurricane Joaquin’s Atlantic ascent? Photo: Brian Tanis
  • Even after a multi-day run of beautiful Indian Summer conditions, Steve Hassett still took full advantage of this silky smooth shoulder and stunning Massachusetts sunset. Photo: James McGraghan
  • Talk about good practice — days after getting shacked silly in Indian River County, Branden DeFilippo was dialed in enough to win an ASF East Coast Championship Men’s title at Sebastian Inlet. Photo: JJ Tondo
  • Some hacks are just too tasty to pass up — even if they are laid down by a guy who had a shot in our last Hurricane Joaquin gallery. Conor Willem pulling some well-deserved double duty. Photo: Thomas Larney
  • South Carolina has been through hell and back over the last week, enduring the psychological peaks and valleys of epic waves and horrendous flooding. Paul Martin does his best to cross-step through all the craziness. Photo: Patrick Willey
  • Rhode Island photographer Gus Potter reports that Xavi Arana actually wiped out on the wave before this one and ultimately suffered a compression fracture in his spine. So he’ll no doubt be savoring this shot for months to come. Get well soon, Xavi. Photo: Gus Potter
  • Sometimes we all need a respite from real life — UCF Surf Team member Sebastian Laang takes a break from the books on one of the most rippable Central Florida sections we’ve seen in some time. Photo: Kevin Englehardt
  • Wonder how much visual inspiration New Jersey surf artist Ronnie Jackson gleaned from this stunning Garden State setup? Photo: Christor Lukasiewicz
  • There’s one incontrovertible fact in the surf journalism world: a photographer and a surfer who find out they just scored a magazine cover will push themselves even harder the next time they paddle out together. Randy Townsend and Kyle Gronostajski make more memories during a quick trip to New York on Tuesday, mere hours after their ESM Page One dropped. Photo: Kyle Gronostajski
  • There aren’t many surfers worthy of a double rainbow, but the perpetually stoked and preternaturally mellow Nils Schweizer is one of them. Looks like Nils found the real pot of gold at home in New Smyrna, too. Photo: Kris Kerr
  • When it comes to scenic sand formations, Massachusetts might have the rest of the East Coast beat. Kai Potter boots one through the Bay State’s autumnal goalposts. Photo: Scott Crivellaro
  • We're just going to catch one more, we swear. After hours and still at it in front of an awe-inspiring New York canvas. Photo: Cory Ransom
  • Dustin Richardson, about as locked and loaded as it gets in North Florida. Photo: John Gilman
  • Ahh, New England. If you know, you know — and if you don’t, well, that's just the way guys like Aaron Stone like it. Photo: Brian Thacker
  • Puerto Rico flew under the radar during Hurricane Joaquin, enjoying day after day of low-key long-period juice with virtually no one around but the locals to enjoy it. With the swell finally fading yesterday, Brian Toth decided to flair up and show the rest of us what we missed. Photo: Darren Muschett
  • But hey — who needs a plane ticket when this is waiting right in your backyard? Talk about a day that would make any New Jersey native swell with pride. Photo: Ben Currie
  • Kyle Busey brought all the eye-popping noise to ensure that he would stand out amongst South Carolina’s perpetually overcast and rainy run of swell. Here’s hoping Kyle and everyone else in and around the Palmetto State emerged from the last two weeks high and dry. Photo: Derf Williams
  • Sean Dowd, South Florida, so nice. That pretty much sums it up after one of the flattest summers in Sunshine State memory. Photo: Mark Hill
  • Believe it or not, this shot was only one of many A+ gems that Leif Engstrom bagged on the East End of Long Island this week. Talk about a beautiful bounty. Photo: Nate Best
  • Damn you, foreground wave! Pat Parenty takes out our collective frustration with a perfectly color-coordinated and flawlessly executed frontside carve. High-performance tricks are cool and all, but nothing compares to classic composure like this. Photo: Dan Diament
  • Speaking of classic… Lucas Jolly lined this Outer Banks bomb up perfectly — let’s hope the pressure of all those watching eyes didn’t get to him. But after two weeks of nor’easter conditions, a momentary glass off was just what the Dare County doctor ordered. Photo: Jon Carter
  • And speaking of pressure, Ben McBrien was feeling it the other day, with all his friends urging him to get in the van and gas it north in pursuit of Big Apple barrels. But Ben decided to stay home in New Jersey and reap the solo rewards with timeless style. Photo: Tim Leopold
  • Timeless style, take two. If you ever wondered whether Will Skudin only excels in the big stuff, this gem will put those doubts to rest. Will has all the bases covered, no matter what kind of board and what size of wave he’s riding. Photo: John Manzoni
  • “I’ve been super slammed with work, and Monday was my only window,” says New Jersey-based photographer Rich McMullin. “It didn't really pan out, but I'm super stoked on this shot of Kyle Tester. Been trying to shoot with that kid for a while now. He's 13 and surfs really well — you’re going to be seeing/hearing a lot more from him.” Photo: Rich McMullin
  • Hurricane Joaquin and its associated swells delivered the most fun run of surf in recent memory — and the look on Chris Davis’ face says it all. Here’s to more pure fun on the way (hopefully) soon. Photo: Nathaniel Harrington
  • In the right light, Rhode Island can look downright divine. Thank you, Hurricane Joaquin. Photo: David Sieczkiewicz

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