Well, in just two days, Joaquin went from being a friendly little fellow marauding around the western Atlantic as a barely-there tropical storm to a nearly Category 4 behemoth hammering the Bahamas and potentially taking aim at the Eastern Seaboard by early next week. So while we all keep our eyes peeled on every hurricane update being released every three hours — and proceed to make all the necessary preparations for a potentially land-falling hurricane — let’s keep our fingers crossed that latest model runs take it on a northeastward curve back out to sea. That way we can keep on enjoying this fantastic run of surf (see yesterday’s And So It Begins… swell gallery, along with the 12 frames below, all of which were snapped in the last two days and will be added to as more swell shots pour in) without enduring any of the damage. Remember, stay tuned, stay aware, and stay safe, folks.


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