Hurricane Joaquin Swell Gallery Part 1

October 1, 2015 • Swell Gallery

Well, in just two days, Joaquin went from being a friendly little fellow marauding around the western Atlantic as a barely-there tropical storm to a nearly Category 4 behemoth hammering the Bahamas and potentially taking aim at the Eastern Seaboard by early next week. So while we all keep our eyes peeled on every hurricane update being released every three hours — and proceed to make all the necessary preparations for a potentially land-falling hurricane — let’s keep our fingers crossed that latest model runs take it on a northeastward curve back out to sea. That way we can keep on enjoying this fantastic run of surf (see yesterday’s And So It Begins… swell gallery, along with the 12 frames below, all of which were snapped in the last two days and will be added to as more swell shots pour in) without enduring any of the damage. Remember, stay tuned, stay aware, and stay safe, folks.

  • Quentin Turko has had one hell of a week, braving some intense nor'easter conditions to win Junior Men's at ESA Easterns and then rolling into this beauty once the winds finally went offshore yesterday. Now, Quentin and everyone on the Outer Banks will be keeping a close eye on Hurricane Joaquin as he starts his northward (and hopefully northeastward) track. Photo: Mickey McCarthy
  • Options, options, and more options in New York yesterday. Photo: James Parascandola
  • South Florida very often gets stiffed on swells like these, which originate from storms located near the Bahamas. But Skeeter Zimmerman found a Treasure Coast nook and cranny that allowed him to unload all the frustration he built up over a long, flat summer. Photo: Rich Budryk
  • The seasons are definitely changing up north — New England was looking mighty moody yesterday, with Max Fatello doing his best to stay locked and loaded through a beautiful little gray drainer. Photo: Brian Thacker
  • While most of Florida's eastern shore is comprised of one long, straight sandbar, the northern part of the state boasts a few unique coastal features that looked like they were on fire yesterday. And guess what? Hobie Sears and friends expect even better conditions this weekend, when another pulse from Joaquin pours in. Photo: Asher Nolan
  • Some things in life change from day to day, and some stay the same. One consistency? When the winds go west and the barrels open up in New Jersey, you can always count on Mike Gleason standing tall in the bomb of the day. Photo: Carter McCoy
  • Age ain't nothin' but a number, and 46-year-old Rod Logan proved that last week when he outlasted teenaged hotshots Gabe Morvil, Spencer Bridges, and Simon Hetrick to win the marquee Open Shortboard division at ESA Easterns. So how did Rod celebrate? By coming home and tearing into the righthand racetrack that serves as his best training ground. Photo: Duce Smith
  • That's one relaxed barrel stance for a kid that's not even a teenager yet. Imagine how deep Laird Myers will be slotting himself once he's all grown up? Photo: Kristen Myers
  • After the slowest tropical season in recent memory, this is the kind of view that brings delirious smiles to grown men and women's faces. Let's hope that our focus can remain squarely on New Jersey gapers like this as Joaquin hopefully takes a right turn out to sea. Photo: Fiona Mullen
  • Of course, 90% of the surfing population could never actually ride a grinder as heavy as the one pictured in the previous frame. This playful little Sunshine State tunnel, on the other hand, is the stuff that everyday surf dreams are made of. Photo: Nolan
  • “Just got back from the Outer Banks after a great day of five- to six-foot clean barrels yesterday,” Virginia Beach's Jordan Montgomery said. “We didn't have a photographer, so I shot some after I got out, but it was too good not to surf. So I gave my friend's grandmother my camera and set it up to shoot.” Which means that Grandma is our new hero. Photo: Montgomery
  • New Jersey photographer Dave Nilsen said that his local break enjoyed only a small window of offshore winds yesterday. But boy did he and Jude Clark make the most of it. Here's to many more moments like this in the next few days, gentlemen. Photo: Dave Nilsen

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