Brevard County, FL, is home to more world surfing titles (12) than anywhere in the USA. It has the first and possibly only surf shop open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is also home to a 1.5x life-size statue of Kelly Slater. There are 72 miles of beaches from north to south and hundreds of sandbars that can light up when the waves, winds, and tides all come together. Hurricane Joaquin will go down in surfing history as delivering some of the best waves to ever grace the Space Coast with a more than two-week run of surf. This gave me a chance to explore all of Brevard’s waves, from Sebastian Inlet to the south all the way north to Playalinda Beach in Titusville. In the mix, I think most of the breaks were as good as they get, with the conditions to match: water temperatures at 82º, air temps in the 90s, winds predominately offshore, and very little rain, broken up by a few overcast days that gave everyone a little break from Florida’s hot sun.

The wind and tide dictated where to surf and when to surf, but for most of the swell in Brevard the winds were offshore — and you can’t beat that. On a day that winds were northwest, I headed to the famed Canaveral Pier and was blown away by the perfection that was on hand due to the slight curve of the Cape that made for straight offshores with perfect waves. The crowds at most breaks… Well, that’s another story, as every surfer who lived within 100 miles of the Space Coast was on it and trying to get their share of waves. The consistency definitely was there, and set after set poured through with only a few minutes wait time. It will be argued for years if Joaquin was the best swell producer since the 1995 run of surf, but as far as the shape and size of the surf, it was definitely one to go down in the record books. The following photos are from different breaks on some of the best days they’ve seen in years covering all 72 miles of Brevard County with some new names and some old names showcased on Atlantic Ocean power that will be remembered for a long, long time.


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