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November 1, 2015 • Swell Gallery

Don’t you just love surprises? After early October delivered one of the most hyped swells in recent memory thanks to Hurricane Joaquin, Thursday, October 29th did just the opposite. Although forecasts called for fun, solid surf for spots from North Carolina all the way into New England courtesy of a frontal system pushing off the Mid-Atlantic coast, the general tone of the hundreds of submissions that poured in today was one of shock, awe, and surprise at just how good it got. Light offshore winds coupled with an afternoon low tide (exacerbated by Wednesday night’s full moon) surely made things even better, as did the mid-week, late-fall arrival, which kept a lot of the usual hurricanes well flotsam and jetsam safely on shore. But don’t take our word for it — check out the following 16 shots, which highlight just how good it got. As usual, stay tuned for Part II next week as the submissions continue to roll in over the weekend. Happy Hollow-ween!

  • “It was pumping in the Outer Banks yesterday, from sun up to sun down,” says photographer Shaun Devine. “As much as I wanted to throw my suit on and sprint out there, I couldn't resist checking a few spots and trying to get some different angles with the good morning light.” Photo: Shaun Devine
  • Different spot, similar story: “It was hard not to just surf the entire day,” says Delmarva native and current New York City-based photog Joey Dwyer. “But the evening light and water color was bonkers so I shot the last two hours of the day with Ben McBrien.” Photo: Joey Dwyer
  • Lee Meirowitz by Morgan Grosskreutz
    “I drove over 1,000 miles from Florida to New Jersey with my girlfriend, who's from Belmar,” photographer Morgan Grosskreutz said on Instagram. “I met up with Mikey DeTemple and Lee Meirowitz and we scored — the surf went absolutely nuts.” Photo: Morgan Grosskreutz
  • Nohea Futrell by Mickey McCarthy
    Nohea Futrell lets the girth of this Outer Banks barrel speak for itself. Photo: Mickey McCarthy
  • Luke Ditella by Hunter DeNicola
    “While some sat in school or at work, Luke Ditella and I sat in the Atlantic and scored,” photographer Hunter DeNicola said on Instagram. “Today was almost as perfect as it gets in New Jersey.” Photo: Hunter DeNicola
  • New Jersey by Asher Nolan
    “I did a last-minute strike mission to New Jersey yesterday, and it was pumping,” raved Hurley East Coast Team Manager Asher Nolan. “I surfed for about 10 hours and shot a few lineup shots as well — but it was too good not to surf so I only shot for a few minutes in between sessions." Photo: Asher Nolan
  • Charlie “Chuck D” Donadio by Steve Melidossian
    Yesterday's swell impacted more than just the usual New Jersey and North Carolina hotspots. Here's Charlie “Chuck D” Donadio rounding a Rhode Island corner on a beautiful fall evening. Photo: Steve Melidossian
  • Simon Hetrick by Kelly Hetrick
    Let's give the groms some room to froth, no? “Waves were insaaaaane yesterday!” said Ocean City young gun Simon Hetrick. “Can't believe how good it got here on the Delmarva Peninsula.” Photo: Kelly Hetrick
  • Andrew Gesler by Carter McCoy
    Andrew Gesler had one thing on his mind when he drove north from Ocean City: packing as many barrels as possible. Photo: Carter McCoy
  • New Jersey by Tim Torchia
    If we had put this photo earlier in the gallery, skeptical minds may have wondered how big it truly was looking down from such a heightened perspective. But since you've seen all the previous shots from the Garden State, you'll know this lineup is packing plenty of size and power. Photo: Tim Torchia
  • Nate Lowdermilk by Ricky Miller
    “Scored some of the best backside barrels I've gotten in a while today at the homebreak,” said Dare County charger Nate Lowdermilk. Photo: Ricky Miller
  • Shaye Cavanaugh by Scott Crivellaro
    Forgive us if we sound biased, but we love everything about surfing in Massachusetts: the solitude, the salty attitudes, the cold latitudes... And, of course, the perfection. Shaye Cavanaugh shows us the way. Photo: Scott Crivellaro
  • Brian Abrams by Dylan Jurusz
    Every single New Jersey photographer who wrote in said the drift yesterday was horrible. Which means we should give photog Dylan Jurusz and surfer Brian Abrams extra props for showing us the way thanks to this challenging link up. Photo: Dylan Jurusz
  • Unidentified in New Jersey by Adam Tormollan
    We always try to identify the surfers in all our photos before we run them. But because the waves were so perfect yesterday, tons of underground heroes got waves just like this. Photo: Adam Tormollan
  • Hunter Heverly by Ricardo Jimenez
    Hunter Heverly, on the other hand, has no problem standing out from the crowd — especially on mutant lefthand bombs like this one he and some friends found on the Outer Banks. Photo: Ricardo Jimenez
  • New Jersey by Alex Fatenko
    Just one last look before we go. Remember, we'll have more from Thursday, October 29th's surprise coming up next week, so keep those submissions coming! Photo: Alex Fatenko

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