Don’t you just love surprises? After early October delivered one of the most hyped swells in recent memory thanks to Hurricane Joaquin, Thursday, October 29th did just the opposite. Although forecasts called for fun, solid surf for spots from North Carolina all the way into New England courtesy of a frontal system pushing off the Mid-Atlantic coast, the general tone of the hundreds of submissions that poured in today was one of shock, awe, and surprise at just how good it got. Light offshore winds coupled with an afternoon low tide (exacerbated by Wednesday night’s full moon) surely made things even better, as did the mid-week, late-fall arrival, which kept a lot of the usual hurricanes well flotsam and jetsam safely on shore. But don’t take our word for it — check out the following 16 shots, which highlight just how good it got. As usual, stay tuned for Part II next week as the submissions continue to roll in over the weekend. Happy Hollow-ween!


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