Full Frontal Part II

November 4, 2015 • Swell Gallery

Don’t you just love surprises? After early October delivered one of the most hyped swells in recent memory (see all the proof from Hurricane Joaquin herehere, and here), Thursday, October 29th did just the opposite. Although forecasts called for fun, solid surf for spots from North Carolina all the way into New England courtesy of a frontal system pushing off the Mid-Atlantic coast, the general tone of the hundreds of submissions that poured in over the last few days was one of shock, awe, and surprise at just how good it got. Light offshore winds coupled with an afternoon low tide (exacerbated by last Wednesday night’s full moon) surely made things even better, as did the mid-week, late-fall arrival, which kept a lot of the usual hurricane swell flotsam and jetsam safely on shore. But don’t take our word for it — check out the following 23 shots, which follow the 16 we posted last Friday.

  • When a photographer from Massachusetts who spends half the year in Bali turns up in New Jersey for one day of waves, you know it was worth it. Photo: Trevor Murphy
  • Florida didn't get the size of the Mid-Atlantic nor the perfection of the Northeast during last week's swell. But with beautiful blue skies and plenty boostable sections, Bobby Levy didn't mind. Photo: Nathaniel Harrington
  • As New Jersey photographer Dan Diament said on his Instagram page, “Haven't seen waves like this since last April.” Dan Kennedy digs in to stock the memory bank. Photo: Dan Diament
  • Which way do you swing? Garden State symmetry. Photo: Ryan Halbe
  • Vince Boulanger picked a good week for a return visit home to his old Ocean City, MD, stomping grounds. Photo: Nick Denny
  • Looks like New Yorker Ethan Dayton made the right decision to head south for New Jersey, too. Photo: Ryan Simalchik
  • No boots, gloves, or hood at the end of October? Sure it was small, but Dean Petty enjoyed the hell out of the Indian Summer swell that filtered into his neck of the Canadian Maritime woods over the weekend. Photo: Jason Keddy
  • Perfection framed perfectly on a perfect New Jersey day. Photo: Bobby Siliato
  • Brian Abrams copped a good shot in Part I of this swell gallery. But he must have been charging harder than everyone else, because this curvaceous corner was too enticing to pass up. Photo: Ben Potter
  • New England photographer Brian Landergan made his first move to Puerto Rico for the winter last week. “Just getting settled in,” he said via email — which translates to “I got to shoot with Leif Engstrom for my first photo session on the rock!” Photo: Brian Landergan
  • True bone-chilling cold hasn't arrived yet on the East Coast. But Jude Clark still found some warmth by snuggling up inside this cozy drainer. Photo: Mike Vericker
  • Shane Boyle executing a similar move, just with much more ground still to cover in his near future. Photo: Mike Cassella
  • Sure, Virginia Beach didn't get nearly as big as North Carolina or New Jersey last week. But who wouldn't have fun in this lineup? Photo: Billy Ficke
  • If you thought you were frothing last week, you should see the excited emails we got from the Lake Erie crew, who threw around more superlatives than even the most stoked-out surf mag crew could keep up with. But a good turn's a good turn, no matter the salinity of the water. So Scott Johns, we salute you. Photo: Adriana Cieslak
  • Where's Randal Townsend? Perfectly framed, well lit, and gliding through lefthand barrel #83 last Thursday, that's where. Photo: Jim Givas
  • The flip side of that equation? Zack Kenny's mirror image down in the Outer Banks. Photo: Jon Carter
  • Yep, it was a little heavy at times in New Jersey last week. Photo: Gus Potter
  • Meanwhile, a little farther north... “Nova Scotia didn't seem to get as good as the rest of the East Coast,” says photographer Mike Bromley. “But no one was complaining about head-high surf after that weak hurricane season.” Photo: Mike Bromley
  • Conor Willem savoring a little taste of winter-like energy at one of his favorite Garden State haunts. Photo: Kyle Arcomano
  • Not nearly as big, but hey, Florida surfers like Evan Miller are still in trunks — and still buzzing over the two-week run before, during, and after Hurricane Joaquin. Photo: Mark Hill
  • Of course, no one would turn down a meaty drop like this one. Bryan Zinski, fully immersed now that the summer surf school season is officially over. Photo: Ryan Struck
  • With Halloween right in the rearview, is it too early to make a Thanksgiving reference? Not when confronted with a Cape Cod gem like this one that would make even the Pilgrims paddle out. Photo: James McGraghan
  • Eyes (and barrels) wide open last Thursday. When will we see another swell like it? Hopefully soon... Photo: James Parascandola

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