Well, after a mild, somewhat freakish start to winter — air temperatures in the 60s across New England on Christmas Day and water temperatures that didn’t even fall into the 50s in the Mid-Atlantic until the New Year — the East Coast finally got its first big nor’easter of the season last week, when Winter Storm Jonas rolled up. With several feet of snow burying many locations on the Eastern Seaboard, bitter, strong winds, and some flooding, particularly in New Jersey, this was one system that everyone felt. Luckily, everyone from the Caribbean to Canada reaped Jonas’ aquatic rewards too: days upon days of fun waves in the Gulf of Mexico, double-overhead man-eaters from North Carolina to the Delmarva Peninsula, a couple of epic days in New Jersey and New York, flashes of smaller perfection in the northern reaches of New England, and enough long-period swell to then light up Florida and Caribbean as the complex weather system raced across the Atlantic. And yes, in some spots, the weeks preceding Jonas were even better, minus all the hype. But if there’s one thing the East Coast does better than any other surf-stoked locale in the world, it’s the big winter swell with snow on the beach and barrels in the water. Against those criteria, Jonas was one for the ages — and he’s 30 shots that prove it.


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