February On Fire Swell Gallery

February 16, 2016 • Swell Gallery

The waves from Winter Storm Mars started showing up in Florida on Sunday, just before the Super Bowl kicked off and those damn Denver Broncos took down our East Coast Carolina Panthers. But with record-breaking swell energy lighting up all corners of the East Coast on Monday and Tuesday, and plenty of epic conditions forecasted for the rest of the week with another front (Winter Storm Nacio) pulling off the coast, we decided to kick off a #liveaction swell gallery featuring daily updates of sick shots as we receive them. So get out there, get barreled, get some shots and clips, get ’em over to us, and we’ll get ’em into this gallery. Oh, and stay tuned to see what pops each day for the next week or so, from crystalline Caribbean caverns to snow-caked pointbreaks to everything in between. And now, Live From Mars…

  • No surprise here — Baron Knowlton caught the wave of the day in South Florida on Monday. Sequence: Corrin Carr
  • Casey Coote earned his own aquamarine moment of glory, too, proving that South Florida looks good at all times of the day. Photo: Zack Weiner
  • Jesse Hines went downright HAM in the Outer Banks this week, braving insane conditions on Monday and Tuesday with a select group of other chargers before earning this picture-perfect payoff on Wednesday. Photo: Colin Breland
  • Sure, it wasn't as gnarly up in Virginia Beach. But the scenics this week sure were beautiful. Photo: Billy Ficke
  • Just remember — sometimes the leftovers can be as tasty as the main dish. New Jersey, still lovely even as wave heights come down. Photo: Dave Nilsen
  • Leif Engstrom is so good he can make his surfboard disappear in the foam ball and STILL make the barrel. Photo: Darren Muschett
  • South Florida local Michel Flores slices a beauty of a left on the best day of the winter so far. Photo: Dugan
  • New Jersey photographer Jay Rutkowski labeled this shot of Randy Townsend very appropriately: “Going back for more.” Wouldn't you? Photo: Jay Rutkowski
  • Speaking of going back for more... Photo: Paul DiMarco
  • Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow — Ryan Daly carves fresh tracks in Wednesday morning's New Jersey powder.” Photo: Mike Cassella
  • A few miles up the Sunshine State coastline, solid six- to eight-foot Orchid Island, FL, got its Margaret River look on with only two takers out this past Monday afternoon. Photo: Mez
  • Evan Conway sure picked a good year to move back to New York and rekindle his photographic love affair with Long Island. Photo: Evan Conway
  • Central America? Europe? California? Nope, South Florida about as good as it gets with Tommy Coleman. Photo: Jeff Biege
  • “I took this shot yesterday morning in Kitty Hawk, NC, says photographer Jon Carter. “It was so huge and the water was coming over Highway 12 everywhere at high tide. I bet you could have fit that jeep in that barrel! Pretty much maxed out for the Outer Banks — these last couple swells have almost been too big for us.” Photo: Jon Carter
  • “With the 'Cape Shadow' effect from the jutting landmass known as Cape Canaveral cutting the legs out from under the swell reaching Brevard County,” says ESM Co-Founder and Photo Editor Emeritus Dick Mez Meseroll, “a deserted Spanish House may have lacked the size of Palm Beach County and spots in South Florida. But it also lacked the frothing crowds, as well. So no, it wasn't big — just perfect.” Photo: Mez
  • Scott Posner found the perfect South Florida testing ground for the 2016 line of Fin-S Fins on Monday. Photo: Steve Clark
  • “Didn't really get anything of people surfing on Super Bowl Sunday here in North Florida, but I did get a few lineup shots,” says Jacksonville photographer Logan Bowles, whose sports-related work keeps moving up to bigger and better outlets, including USA Today. “Hopefully the forecast holds for the rest of the week.” Photo: Logan Bowles
  • “Puerto Rico was pumping yesterday and again this morning,” says North Carolina native Anthony Leone, who's been collaborating with Juan Carlos Gerena for his Burger's World project over the last few weeks. “A few guys like Eric Geiselman gave it a go, while Stevie Pittman hit the bottom and got a bit torn up. The larger swell and cleaner conditions arrived today as expected.” Photo: Anthony Leone
  • “I shot down on Hatteras Island all day yesterday,” says legendary Outer Banks photographer Mickey McCarthy. “It was cold, but all the guys, including Dana Quinn, did a great job charging some dredgers.” Photo: Mickey McCarthy
  • It was H-E-A-V-Y in South Jersey on Monday, February 8th — like historically heavy. “So much power and energy that morning,” says photographer Matt Ciancaglini. “Can't remember the last time I've seen it this big at this spot.” Photo: Matt Ciancaglini
  • Meanwhile, South Florida saw picture-perfect conditions. It may get unbearably crowded at this particular spot, but anyone who's surfed it on a good winter swell (like Kiko Urteaga going backside) knows it's about as fun as it gets. Photo: Chris Wilson
  • Mike Trubia reminds us that all this swell is courtesy of a legitimate winter storm (first Mars and then, later in the week, Nacio). Of course, snowfall in New England is a given this time of year — not something to get all excited about. Photo: Dave Siezciewicz
  • “It was a solid head-high in Central Florida yesterday,” says ESM Photo Editor Nathan Adams. “With some patience and good wave selection, there were gems out there — hopefully it gets even better later this week!” Photo: Adams
  • Mondays in New York always move fast — even in the dead of winter. Peter Gunderson opted for a high line to zoom through all the traffic. Photo: Joe O'Connor

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