Spring isn’t officially here yet, but barring a surprising turn of meteorological events, it sure feels like winter is over. All those 60º February days, a lack of significant snowfall, tropical-hued water in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast… It’s enough to make the most dedicated coldwater warrior book a trip to the Arctic Circle. Which is not to say that February was a lackluster month in the surf department. The beginning of the month saw a few blizzardy days in New England. Florida enjoyed several different pulses of fun surf. The Caribbean went bonkers for what seemed like a week straight. And enough random one-day swell events kept our inboxes stuffed with sick photos. Below are a few dozen of our favorites collected for our February 2017 Swell Gallery, from the tropical depths to the icy tundra. Thanks be to the shortest month of the year — now let’s see what March and the next big seasonal shift has in store for us.

New England. Photo: John Gilman

Leif Engstrom, Puerto Rico. Photo: Darren Muschett

PJ Raia, New Jersey. Photo: Mike Incitti

Bo Raynor, North Carolina. Photo: Jon Carter

Phillip Watters, Central Florida. Photo: Jared Blais

Jacques Beriau, Maine. Photo: Nick LaVecchia

Austin Marvin, North Florida. Photo: Cody Coleman

New Jersey. Photo: Ben Currie

Riley Lamarche, Nova Scotia. Photo: Harrison Newman Jardine

Pete Erickson, North Carolina. Photo: Cory Godwin

Chase Modelski, South Florida. Photo: Jeff Biege

New England. Photo: James McGraghan

Pedro Fernandez, Dominican Republic. Photo: Daniel Stockdale

Joey Pinheiro, New England. Photo: Dave Nilsen

Mike Gleason, New Jersey. Photo: Tim Torchia

Austin Eckardt, Puerto Rico. Photo: Brian Landergan

Simon Hetrick, North Carolina. Photo: Jeffrey O’Neil

Robbie Goodwin, Costa Rica. Photo: Dan Jenkins

Nova Scotia. Photo: Mike Bromley

Brian Corbitt, South Florida. Photo: Bob Baggett

New Jersey. Photo: Jules D’Arco

Nick Czuchra, New England. Photo: Tucker Grinnell

Matthew Glenn, Puerto Rico. Photo: Anthony Leone

Jon Smyth, New England. Photo: John Gilman

North Carolina. Photo: Cody Hammer

Matt Colby, New Hampshire. Photo: Ralph Fatello

Ben McBrien, New Jersey. Photo: Christor Lukasiewicz

Jose Perez, Maine. Photo: Jim Ready

Ale Moreda, Puerto Rico. Photo: Luis Santiago

New England. Photo: Alexander Leo

Christian Daniels, Central Florida. Photo: Mez

Massachusetts. Photo: Luke Simpson

North Carolina. Photo: Bob Hovey/DVO

Tom Petriken, New Jersey. Photo: Michael Guccione

Cory Barrington, Nova Scotia. Photo: Tom Terrell

Zak Kernan, South Florida. Photo: Mark Hill

Brian Goding, Massachusetts. Photo: Matt Czuchra

Maine. Photo: Nick LaVecchia

Trey Pocock, South Florida. Photo: Logan Suarez-Penrod

Rhode Island. Photo: Clark Leonard

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