December 2015 Swell Gallery

January 1, 2016 • Swell Gallery

What a month — record high Christmas Day temperatures all the way up to New England, quick bursts of odd angled swell in weird places, spring suits in the Mid-Atlantic, boardshorts in the Southeast, T-shirts in New York… But hey, we’ll take what we can get, especially considering winter is still a ways off. Here are our favorite 20 shots from December, a fitting way to cap off 2015 and look forward to 2016.

  • Talk about a nice way to close out 2015. New Jersey, beautifully lit and fun as hell. Photo: Tim Torchia
  • Josh Burke's frontside flairs just keep getting better and better. Here's hoping we see many more of these in 2016. Photo: Alan Burke
  • Not all photographs have to depict perfect conditions — some pack a punch simply by capturing pure stoke. Photo: Scott Crivellaro
  • Case in point: Steve-O Clark, not quite in the barrel but still on top of the world in the Florida Panhandle. Photo: Alex Dantin
  • Earlier in December, North Carolina surfers were still wearing spring suits. By December 29th, the boots had to come out — but Dallas Tolson didn't mind. Photo: Jon Carter
  • “It just doesn't feel like Christmas up here with it being so warm,” says New Jersey photographer Bill Brooks. “The light wasn't great but the water color and clarity were so good — just a fun afternoon session for Alex Brooks and some of his mates.” Photo: Bill Brooks
  • Looks more like a fun late spring day than three days after Christmas, huh? Nohea Futrell leans in and loves it. Photo: Ian Tsonev
  • Clay Pollioni, right at home in New Jersey. Photo: Ben Currie
  • “There's been a lot of local windswell in the Dominican Republic with glassy conditions in the AM and wind in the PM,” says photographer Daniel Stockdale. “But Pedro Fernandez doesn't mind so far after coming home for the winter.” Photo: Daniel Stockdale
  • Gabe Kling certainly lucked out on his holiday trip to New Jersey to visit family. Photo: Thomas Larney
  • A spring suit? In North Carolina? In December? Evan Micele sure enjoyed December's burst of warmth while it lasted. Photo: Jordan Montgomery
  • December 29th on the Delmarva Peninsula — downright delectable. Photo: Nick Tribuno
  • “Tuesday December 15th saw perfect rights all day with no crowds and great light,” says New Jersey photographer Kyle Gronostajski. “But I just got this one turn of Peter George in the evening.” Photo: Kyle Gronostajski
  • “We've had some decent waves for about a week straight,” says South Carolina photographer Kent Ficklin. “Cobi Christiansen is in town and has been putting on a show. But other than a few mornings, it's been really too foggy to shoot with the warm air and cold water.” Photo: Kent Ficklin
  • Who cares if the weather's been warm when the waves have been like this? Shawn Casey, oblivious to all the noise outside this frothy one. Photo: Mike Guccione
  • New York native Evan Conway is finally back on home turf after several years spent living in Santa Barbara, CA, where he attended the prestigious Brooks Institute photography school. Stoked to have you and your unique perspectives back, Evan! Photo: Evan Conway
  • Alton Lutz on a meaty Garden State grinder on December 15th. Photo: Kyle Arc
  • Although it hasn't been that cold in Maine yet, photographer Natty Graham still booked it for Puerto Rico last month, lining up with Marley Puglielli on a few unique angles. Photo: Natty Graham
  • Andrew Roque, kneeling in anticipation of the New Year ahead. Photo: Dave Sieczkiewicz
  • Here's hoping your view of 2015 was as good as this one in North Carolina — and that 2016 offers just as much opportunity up ahead. Photo: Bob Hovey

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