Bienvenido A Miami: Hurricane Sandy in South Beach

October 29, 2012 • Swell Gallery

ESM Photo Editor Nate Adams trekked down to South Beach in Miami, FL, on Saturday, October 27th, arriving alongside a good chunk of the state’s surfing population, all of whom were frothing on the opportunity to say hello to swell from Hurricane Sandy. But before Nate could even write up a quick description of his trip, a few other South Florida spots stole his attention back down I-95. We did, however, snag his memory card before he jetted back south, and so we present to you Round One of what’s sure to go down in surfing history as one of the best weeks ever in the Sunshine State. Of course, ESM’s stoke is tempered by the thought of our Mid-Atlantic and Northeast brethren bearing the full brunt of this megastorm/superstorm/Frankenstorm hybrid as we speak. So stay tuned this week for more of Sandy’s offshore-groomed highs and tide-deluged lows…

  • With ESM Photo Editor Nate Adams already back on the hunt today chasing swell in South Florida, we’re gonna keep these captions brief: sunrise, South Beach Miami, Saturday, October 27th. Photo: Adams
  • Nothing brief about the first guy Nate encountered on the beach Saturday, however: Chris Ward, the most interesting surfer in the world, out for a nude sunrise sesh before …Lost Enterprises head honcho Mike Reola hooked him up with a pair of much-needed baggies. When in Rome, right? Photo: Adams
  • Wardo’s good friend Cory Lopez came a bit more dressed for the occasion. Although Cory could have been naked inside this South Beach keg and not a soul would have known. Photo: Adams
  • Cory’s brother Shea Lopez has been tracking the hell out of Hurricane Sandy like the expert that he is. In fact, Shea was one of the first surfers last week legitimately claiming the formation of a “Superstorm,” which as everyone now knows came true. Shea doesn’t mess around when it comes to forecasting — or to shred-sesh preparation. Photo: Adams
  • Superstorm up north, super shacks down south. This is about as good as Miami gets — and more than a few guys got the memo. Photo: Adams
  • Blake Jones made the drive Saturday morning and got just what he expected. The haters will claim it was bigger in Boynton, plumper in Palm Beach, or heavier in Hollywood. To which we say, hold on folks — there’s much more where this came from. Photo: Adams
  • Blake and Phillip Watters, pretty damn happy with their Saturday decision. Their Sunday and Monday sessions were probably just as good. Photo: Adams
  • In spite of (or perhaps because of) the steep north angle of Sandy’s swell, a few freaky against-the-grain rights emerged as contenders for wave of the session in South Beach on Saturday. Photo: Adams
  • However, Evan Geiselman says there’s nothing wrong with punting on a few closeout lefts — especially with South Beach’s jaw-dropping skyline in the background. Photo: Adams
  • While the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast are in the process of getting pummeled by Hurricane Sandy, Florida escaped relatively unscathed. Hopefully these easygoing folks thanked their lucky stars and said a few prayers for their friends up I-95. Photo: Adams
  • “Did you see that one?!” Cory Lopez gets his froth on while every videographer on the beach gobbles up his requisite on-the-ground hurricane footage. Photo: Adams
  • Cory had good reason to get excited about this one of Jon Cangianella — South Florida rarely gets dreamier. Photo: Adams
  • And while those rebound rights were fun, every once in a while a left hook would develop, allowing for a few massive hacks from power broker Asher Nolan. Photo: Adams
  • Yes, this is Miami — and yes, Arny Filosa is stoked. Thanks for hooking a brother up with an ID in the comments. Photo: Adams
  • Don’t let that last moment of relative solitude fool you, though. There were a few heads in the water in Miami this weekend... Photo: Adams
  • ...And even more heads on the beach watching the show go down. Photo: Adams
  • Note the aforementioned steep angle of the swell, with lefts stacking up as far as the eye can see. Note the near-burn on the foreground wave, as well — South Beach is a crowded affair that definitely favors the most amped among us. Photo: Adams
  • A few serene moments did present themselves, though… Photo: Adams
  • …Along with just as many hilarious ones that were witnessed by everybody within eyeshot. Hey, at least this guy committed to the drop. Arturo Raphael with the wipeout seen round the world. Photo: Adams
  • When your usual barrel-riding training grounds lie in Mexico and Hawaii, commitment comes easy. New Smyrna Beach’s Devon Tresher with one of the coolest, calmest, and most collected waves of the entire day. Photo: Adams
  • Although he’s a bit younger and less battle-tested than Devon, Jupiter grom Nathan Behl made leaps and bounds in the experience department this weekend. Kid is probably still surfing himself silly, too. Photo: Adams
  • One last parting shot from South Beach. Don’t miss the boat the rest of this week as ESM’s frontline coverage of Hurricane Sandy continues. That includes the offshore-groomed highs from the Southeast and the tide-deluged lows from the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Photo: Adams

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