After a long, hot, mostly flat summer, the Atlantic Ocean is back in action, boys and girls. Things finally started heating up around the middle of September, when traces of tropical systems like Henri and Ida trickled in to the Mid-Atlantic. And since the 20th or so, it’s been one round of juice after another, from a variety of sources, with a variety of impact zones: a low pressure system parked off the coast of New England that’s generated nonstop nor’easter conditions in North Carolina, Delmarva, and New Jersey; a persistent frontal trough over the western Atlantic that’s had Florida in the good to epic zone for several days in a row; the first rumblings of Hurricane Joaquin as he takes aim at the Eastern Seaboard… If you want to know more about the science behind all this swell, check out what Surfline’s fine East Coast-based team of forecasters are saying. But if you just want to revel in the fact that the East Coast’s surf season has FINALLY kicked into high gear, check the slideshow below and stay tuned for much more as we provide continuous updates over the next few days.


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