And So It Begins… Summer 2015 Swell Gallery

September 30, 2015 • Swell Gallery

After a long, hot, mostly flat summer, the Atlantic Ocean is back in action, boys and girls. Things finally started heating up around the middle of September, when traces of tropical systems like Henri and Ida trickled in to the Mid-Atlantic. And since the 20th or so, it’s been one round of juice after another, from a variety of sources, with a variety of impact zones: a low pressure system parked off the coast of New England that’s generated nonstop nor’easter conditions in North Carolina, Delmarva, and New Jersey; a persistent frontal trough over the western Atlantic that’s had Florida in the good to epic zone for several days in a row; the first rumblings of Hurricane Joaquin as he takes aim at the Eastern Seaboard… If you want to know more about the science behind all this swell, check out what Surfline’s fine East Coast-based team of forecasters are saying. But if you just want to revel in the fact that the East Coast’s surf season has FINALLY kicked into high gear, check the slideshow below and stay tuned for much more as we provide continuous updates over the next few days.

  • The number one message coming out of Florida the last few days? “It feels like I'm on a surf trip.” Chauncey Robinson pulls an elegant e-brake on this surprisingly wide-open shoulder. Photo: Nathan Adams
  • Meanwhile, after dealing with days of howling northeast winds, New Jersey finally saw a much-anticipated glass-off on Wednesday, September 30th, with Luke Ditella all over the first barrel he could sniff out. This is also the first full-suit photo we've seen this fall — always a pivotal moment when you know surf season as the calendar changes. Photo: Tim Torchia
  • Down in Barbados, Tropical Storm Ida (now floating around the open Atlantic as a remnant low) actually delivered some fun conditions to the island's most magnetic break. And Josh Burke was on it, mere days before flying to California and placing 2nd in the WSL RVCA Pro Junior. Photo: Alan Burke
  • North Carolina is bracing for a potential direct hit, brutal winds, heavy beach erosion, and flooding from Hurricane Joaquin. But last week, Knox Harris and friends were still on top of the world, enjoying relishing every ounce of energy pouring through on this beautiful evening. Photo: Chandler Hatch
  • Classic shot, classic line, classic kid — Tommy Coleman shifts into overdrive in South Florida. Photo: Nathaniel Harrington
  • We haven't seen much imagery from New England yet (so please submit if you're reading this!), and Massachusetts photographer James McGraghan tells us why: “Haven't been able to shoot because I've been surfing way too much.” Can't blame you there, James. Photo: Melissa Bomeisler
  • With Florida's East Coast lit up like a Christmas tree for several days in a row, virtually no one noticed that the Panhandle saw a brief window of excellent conditions thanks to a tropical system that stalled out in the area. Which is probably just how local surfers like it. Photo: Alex Dantin
  • Judging by the insane amount of shots we've seen of him this week, Pat Schmidt handily won September's unofficial Garden State Photo Grudge Match. Let's see how high Pat flies later this week when Joaquin roars into town. Photo: Michael Guccione
  • Meanwhile, DJ Buchanan did his best to flair up on a rare September down day in New Smyrna Beach. Photo: Brandon Castaldi
  • Most surfers would give anything to spend the first days of fall in Maine, where cool temperatures, changing leaves, and an alluring array of diverse breaks await. But photographer Jim Ready made the right call visiting Florida for his birthday this week (Happy birthday Jim!), where he lucked into what he described as the best Sunshine State waves he's ever seen. Photo: Mez
  • New York photographer James Parascandola writes the best emails. Accompanying this beautiful shot of Neal Campbell was a very simple message: “Rocktober is beginning!” Photo: James Parascandola
  • Raymond King spends most of his time bouncing between Indonesia, Puerto Rico, and New Jersey. Looks like he picked the perfect window to visit family in Central Florida this year and discover a lefthand racetrack that almost looked downright Balinese. Photo: Dugan
  • New Jersey photographer Ryan Mack experimented with some rad remote flash setups in September. This shot of Balaram Stack was taken last week, before the meat of the swell hit — which means we can't wait to see what Mack and company produce with real waves in the water this week. Photo: Ryan Mack
  • Sheet glass conditions and solid swell very rarely coincide in Florida (or anywhere on the East Coast for that matter). So when you see it, you're on it — no matter how far out you have to go in search of hidden bounty. Photo: Kris Kerr
  • A few hours south, on the actual Treasure Coast, Brent Meinhold dug up his own gem. Photo: Mark Hill
  • A couple of weeks ago, while most of the East Coast was still suffering through an interminable flat spell, South Carolina inexplicably went richter, sending the Internet into a frenzy thanks to Anthony Osment and crew's prodigious social media presence. But when you're scoring this hard, you gotta share it with somebody. Photo: Justin Morris
  • Surf and abide — these are the words that author and alternative shape connoisseur Shawn Zappo lives by. Looks like his zen-like approach to riding the wave of life is paying off. Photo: Johnny Yonkers
  • Wayne Satterwhite sends up a sun salutation in front of a stunning North Florida sunrise. Say that five times fast, and then try to keep up as Wayne surfs circles around you. Photo: Howard Pabst
  • When it comes to women's surfing, we've still got the competition beat, from A(ndersen, Lisa) to Z(amba), Frieda. Photo: Steve Clark
  • Even as he grows older and settles into his role as a local New Smyrna Beach luminary, Jeremy Johnston remains one of the most exciting surfers to watch on the East Coast and in the world. Photo: John Gilman
  • A broken ankle meant Wiley Robinson was laid up for months this summer. So when he found himself in the right spot at the right time on this absolute friggin' gem the other day, all that pain washed right away. Stay tuned for more as the East Coast continues to roll right into a wave-rich October... Photo: Adams

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