Sick-quence! Summer Fun Anyone? Albert Singleton By Josh Mc Fadden

December 11, 2018 • Photos, Sick-quence!

Does it seem like yesterday – or more like a lifetime ago – when you were trunking it on the Outer Banks this past September? Fried pink red epidermis coated head-to-toe in SPF 200 while sweating your cojones off, swatting away fierce, blood drawing greens heads hot footing it across burning afternoon sand back to your car dying for a sip of cold water, shade and air conditioning after a 6 hour session? If you are surfing north of south Florida on this mid-December day today the answer is probably the latter and it’s still isn’t Winter yet. The really heavy shit is just getting started my friends but we still have all those salty sweet memories captured in our minds, video clips and Instagramed hero shots of dream days like this while you’re struggling into that 5/6 wettie inside your heated car dreaming about that perfect Summer day now so far away. Sick-quence! of Albert Singleton captured by Josh Mc Fadden at an undisclosed Outer Banks sandbar during Hurricane Florence. – Mez –