Sick-quence! Stevie’s A ( Deeply ) Pitted-man On The Jersey Shore By Bruce Chrisner

January 15, 2019 • Photos, Sick-quence!

It will never totally steal the limelight from the Outer Banks S-Turns but, over the past 1o years, the many jetties of Bayhead, NJ, are sure as hell trying.

Once totally ignored in the 60’s and 70’s and 80’s by just about everyone except a small, hardcore crew of locals along with a smattering of surfers from Point Pleasant Beach, Point Pleasant Boro and Mantaloking, who’s town lines borders to the south and north, this was a place you blew by on your way to Manasquan, Sandy Hook or Casino Pier in Seaside Heights.

Then came social media, digital imaging and seemingly more home grown, extremely talented and dedicated Garden State photographers than surfers and- voila!

Bayhead is now the new east coast “Kodak Reef” with people like Southern North Carolinas Stevie Pittman ( pictured here ) driving 10 hours to pack insanely hollow tubes like this at one of the many groins installed by the Army Core Of Engineers in the early 60’s on a day longtime lensman Bruce Chrisner called one of the heaviest, one day nor’east swells he’s ever witnessed. And he’s seen, photographed and surfed over 40 years of them so the man knows what he’s talking about. – Mez –






Stevie Pittman photographed by Bruce Chrisner @brucechrisner1 on Instagram