Sick-quence! Ryan Webb ( Almost ) Makes New England History!

November 26, 2018 • Photos, Sick-quence!

Yeah, yeah, yeah…

So Ryan Webb eat’s shit on this amazingly thick, gnarly, inside-out slab barrel somewhere on an offshore New England island.

You can chirp all you want he didn’t make it but we are giving this charger full hellman cred and running everyone of Jon Nimerfroh’s frames in all it’s Sick-quential! glory for sacking it up, donning the full suit and giving this widow maker a full go and almost pulling it of by the slimmest of margins ( see frame 19 for the attempted doggy door at bottom of the lip line ).

Sure, it would have been hot as ‘eff if Ryan made this one and tunneled all the way through the biggest, craziest bad-ass barrel ever photographed in that region but it’s just as cool to us to see he took the chance, gave it hell and took the beating after the beast pinched out on him at the end.

If any punks are out there arm-chair dissing the man’s valiant attempt what would you have said if he pulled back instead?

We thought so.

Right on Ryan, keep getting after it friend! – Mez –

Photos: Jon Nimerfroh / @jdnphotography on instagram