Rob Kelly very well might be the man in Jersey right now and is definitely one of the men on the east coast in general. We don’t quite know if we’re ready to retire the King Of Jersey crown from Sam Hammer just yet, and we’re sure Rob won’t have any of that kind of talk right now, but where “Raw Rob” has taken his surfing the past two to three years it is not hard to make an argument he is certainly at least an equal to the Hammer’s, Gleason’s and Gesler’s of the Garden State. Or, in other words, one of the very best from the East Coast at this moment in time as seen in this triple tube GIF Sick-quence! by @njsurfpix. Scroll down for the frame-by-frame sequence below. – Mez –


kelly-rob-gif-njsurfpix from richard meseroll on Vimeo.