Sick-quence! Noah $ponsors? Noah Problem! Schweizer Wins 6 G’s At 2018 FL Pro!

January 25, 2019 • Photos, Sick-quence!

“Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose…”. – Me And Bobby Mc Gee –

Chauncey Robinson was the overwhelming, sentimental local favorite to win the 2018 WSL Florida Pro ( FLP ) QS 1500 men’s event – and camethisclose to the final with an equal third – but it was the completely logo-less, un-sponsored Noah Schweizer from just up around the other side of Cape Canaveral who was the feel good story of the entire event with his first ever QS contest victory.

The small framed dark horse from New Smyrna Beach surfed loose, un-fettered and serenely confidant, especially in the final against wily fellow NSB’er Evan Geiselman, last years FLP winner, and wrung every drop of the First Peak refractors that he could get his hands on surfing like he had nothing left to lose, most especially a fickle sponsorship he des not have.

Noah claimed his $6,000. first place check by throwing all caution into the wind – literally and figuratively – against every opponent in every heat by firing off a continuous aerial assault in the perfect ramps of Sebastian Inlet, the original launching pad and ground zero for above the lip surfing. And you know you’re going good when you have the Godfather Of Air’s and FLP Contest Director, Matt Kechele visibly grinning ear-to-ear up in the judges tower. In fact the whole beach was grinning ear-to-ear including Evan himself who paddled right over as and gave his hometown bro a big hug.

Sick-quence! by Tom Dugan and look for Tom’s report of the 2018 Florida Pro with our bonus photo gallery next week at – Mez –

Sick-quence! of Noah Shweizer by Tom Dugan