ESM Sick-quence: Daya Mc Cart’s Gnarly Grommette Carve By Mez!

November 24, 2020 • ESM Sick-quence!, Photos, Sick-quence!

Back in the early days of ESM and Lisa Andersen’s stratospheric ascension to four consecutive ASP World Tour Titles, we noticed a discernible rise in not only female participation in surfing in general but a damn burst of young east coast gromette’s flooding the comp scene and absolutely ripping.

Now, with Florida’s Caroline Marks successful first year on Tour in the books, there is yet another strong wave of stoked out grom girls emerging from the Eastern Surfing Associations well stocked ranks and, despite all the crazy Covid-19 they have had to deal with, we now have to wonder if mini-rippers like third generation surfer Daya Mc Cart is benefitting from a Marks inspired lift and both of whom called Sebastian Inlet their homebreak. Daya cranking one heavy turn for an 11 year old at Sebastian leaving us to wonder how far she can go in Caroline’s slipstream. Check out the bonus GIF version at the bottom of the page. – Mez @mezapixels –

Daya McCart’s Sebastian Inlet Carve By Mez from richard meseroll on Vimeo.