The first day of 2021 found a group of First Peak regulars going HAM in the modest, onshore southeast wind conditions. This included the ever expanding pack of frothing groms and gromettes tearing it up all day long all inspired perhaps by the most on fire, in form surfer there┬áthe past few years, Chauncey Robinson, captured here sequentially ripping into a homage to Kelly Slater’s infamous “Tomahawk Chop” move. It’s good to see that the Inlet’s heritage of producing some of the Right Coasts ( and the worlds ) very best surfers is in the very capable hands and abilities of guys like Chauncey and the next generation of Kiddie Bowl prodigies coming up behind him. GIF and frame-by-frame Sick-quence! below by Mez @mezapixels.

ezgifcom-gif-maker from richard meseroll on Vimeo.