One great things about a major east coast competition coming to your area, like the USA Prime last weekend in Melbourne Florida, is getting to see and photograph our coast’s top talents and or the developing ones ( or both ) as they push each other onwards vying for a finals berth with all the points on the table. This is usually where the grande finale style surfing fireworks usually peak with moves like this by Virginia’s Blayr Barton who pulled this rabbit out of the hat during the last heat of the day, the U-18 finale. As the event kicked off Saturday morning with a spectacular, 7:25 a.m. SpaceX rocket launch a mere 25 miles away to the north at Cape Kennedy, it was fitting indeed that Barton finished off the comp with a spectacular launch of his own to end the contest. Look for full coverage and a bonus photo gallery tomorrow at Story, GIF and frame by frame Sick-quence by Mez @mezapixels

Blayr Barton’s Grade-A Prime Air By Mez from on Vimeo.