Sick-Quence! Benny B’s Banger Turn On The OBNC!

February 15, 2019 • Photos, Sick-quence!

Ben Bourgeois headed up the Outer Banks seeking a little mental relief shortly after the heavy hand of Hurricane Florence wreaked total havoc on his beloved Southern North Carolina after a long, arduous week of working on a volunteer chain saw helping as many victims as he and his loose knit band buddies could removing the many tall pines and magnificent old growth oak trees off of peoples houses and businesses. That shit is hard, hard work in the heat and humidity of summer and he looked and sounded tired but, as you can see here, Ben plugged into the oceans energy and lit the joint up for 3 days before heading back down to get back to work helping others, no doubt refreshed after buzz sawing off turns like this somewhere on Pea Island. – Mez –


Benny B. OuBater Banks Sick-quence! by Mez @mezapixels