My Session: Dugan & Mez Double Team The 11/ 15 RC’s Swell & Score!

December 3, 2019 • Photos, Swell Gallery

Photos by Tom Dugan and Dick Meseroll @easternsurfmag on Instagram, Presented by Wave Riding Vehicles

From Grand-dad’s to grom’s, RC’s is one of the East Coast’s most iconic breaks that has 1) several generations of locals who call it home and are rabid to surf it and 2) a certain bathymetry that amplify’s north swells to twice the size of every other spot in Central and North Central Florida. It’s ( mostly ) sand covered coquina reef that keeps the break consistent compared to all other shifting beach breaks in the area that are often of the here today, gone next week variety. With ample parking just across street in the Publix shopping plaza on the west side of A-1-A and all it’s amenities, coupled, with relatively easy beach access to the break itself, it’s little wonder it also the areas most packed spot, especially when it’s big. The recent, mid-November Low pressure / cold front swell just was one of those days with great waves, beautiful weather and badass surfing going down through all tide cycles for two days straight albeit packed at times. Here are just a few of the top images myself and long time partner and friend, Tom Dugan captured during this late Autumn shred fest and please follow us on Instagram @easternsurfmag. – Mez –

Where: RC’s, Satelitte Beach, Florida

When: November 15’th

Why: Mid-Atlantic low pressure system off the Florida coast tracking north while rapidly intensifying

Air & Water: 65 air, 73 water

Swell: North / Northeast 16 feet at 13 seconds

Wind: dead offshore, west / southwest at 10-15 mph

Photographers rating? Dugan “Two days of non stop swell , consistent , clean , moments of brilliance”, Mez: ” I’m not normally an RC’s guy but on a 1 to 10 scale I’d say an easy 7 for photo / video potential “.

The RC’s arena as seen from a  Mavick Pro 2. Photo: Mez

There where a few bombs that came throughout the day and this lucky gent grabbed himself a nice one. Photo: Dugan

Satellite Beach local Sam Duggan drawing deep, slashing lines on RC’s always plentiful aqueous canvas. Iou want to get your carve on then this is the place to do it in Central Florida. Photo: Dugan

The meteorological map set-up for November 15 & 16 / 2019.

Out of a crowd of stand outs, RC’s devotee, Eva Woodland was one of the sessions stand out surfers, either male or female. Girl was positively ripping ! Photo: Mez

One of Woodlands several follow up turns after the above bottom turn shot as she worked this RC’s set wave from the very outside middle break all the way to the shorebreak. It was possibly the best surfed wave of the day that we witnessed. All we can say is who’s got that video clip!? Photo: Mez

A wave check on the way north showed plenty of swell and only one guy out at this break near RC’s. Considering the latter had over 60 guys out we’d say he was one smart dude even if it was smaller. Photo: Dugan

Matt Kechele has put his time in here and has ridden some of the largest waves ever surfed at RC’s. This day he eschewed Sebastian inlet and drove north from his Melbourne Beach home to grab a few nuggets laying down his signature, layback snap money maker. Photo: Dugan

Pappa Phil Watters deep launch angle here while …

… Phil’s son, Cash Watters set’s up his down the line run on this frothy mid-break wave. Photo: Mez

Heads up! Photo: Mez

Fergus Kelly, shadow and light. Push play below to see full GIF sequence of this sick snap. Photo & GIF: Mez

The conditions could not have been cleaner during this late afternoon surf. The boardwalk was crowded with onlookers and Blake Speir made some crowd pleaseing turns. Frontside gouge on a clean one. Photo:

Mike Reaola took some tim off from his Melbourne Beach based Catalyst / …Lost surf shop to enjoy what RC’s had to offer. Photo: Mez

You see a lot of rail burying, deep bottom turns, long drawn out lines and gorgeous carving on a typical RC’s swell but, now and again you see a grom or a pro popping one off like Christian Daniels on this shorey ramp. Photo: Mez

Coming from Barbados, Darian Pitcher made the move to Florida. The water may be a bit cooler but the waves at times can be just as good as home. Darien looking like he’s back on his home island surfing Brandons but with a 3/2 on instead of a rash guard. Photo: Dugan

Butchy has all the nuances and variables of of RC’s extra large playing field wired like the vet that he is and always in the spot ready to pounce. Photo: Mez

If RC’s is breaking, this guy is on it. Gary Wheeler backside at twelve o’clock. Photo:Dugan

With the waves being so good it was really hard to stay away and everyone surfed till they dropped. After surfing all day Fergus Kelly still had enough gas in the tank had to come back for the evening session. Photo: Dugan

Picture perfect RC’s as the Autumnal “Golden Hour” approaches. Photo: Mez

Jamie Twigg has long been one of the areas unsung, underground talents and always scores some of the most rad moves in a given session. Photo: Mez

A little levity in a packed line-up is always appreciated. Push play below this photo for the full GIF sequence of some RC’s chaos. Photo & GIF Sequence by Mez

With the condos along the beach, shadows start to form as the sun sets and to get a photo you need to wait until the surfer rides into the light. Randy Nolan gets some light on a late afternoon runner. Photo: Dugan

Blake Speir sends a bit of spray skyward on this backside hack. Photo: Dugan

While dad Dave digs deep displacing a serious amount of water with this bottom turn rooster tail at the south end of RC’s. Photo: Mez

A lone surfer about to make the drop. It’s not too often your home break looks like this. Satellite Beach, Florida. Photo: Dugan

Or this… first set of the morning showed it was going to be a good day for surfing. Photo: Dugan

Scott Bouchard lives close enough to RC’s that he rides his bike down to surf. “Butchy” doing a proper roundhouse at his home break. Photo: Dugan

Chauncey Robinsons loose and banking one high and hard. Photo: Mez

Gearing up at the north access. Photo: Mez

There were a few nice size waves coming thru. Sam Duggan sets up for some down the line action. Photo: Dugan

Phil Watters getting in his last licks on the incoming tide during day two’s waning swell. Smaller yes but crisp! Photo: Mez

Unidentified with fine backhand form on the inside. Photo: Mez

And a parting shot for the longboard crew. Dunno who he was but he was killing it on that log! Photo: Mez