My Session: Bo Raynor & Micah Cantor Show Up & Blow Up At Jenks!

November 26, 2019 • Photos, Swell Gallery

Photos, story and captions by Mike Vuocolo @mikesshoreshots on Instagram, presented by Wave Riding Vehicles

Where? Jenkinsons, NJ

When? November 19th

Why? Mid Atlantic Nor’easter

Air & Water? Around mid-50’s each

Swell? Shoulder to head high

Wind? North x Northwest

Photographers rating? Conditions moderate, performance way over the top

Manasquan Inlet is home to two of New Jersey’s most iconic waves. One was a secret spot for about two dozen faithful locals until print, internet, iPhones and social media helped turned it into a magnet for everyone including national, regional surfers and bodyboarders, local pros, top Right Coast talent and their image makers using everything from $15,000 film and video rigs to Go Pros and cell phones.

Carolinian Bo Raynor putting on a cutting edge air show at Jenk’s.

 It is a far cry from the days of using the bank of pay phones on the Boardwalk to get the surf report to a small circle of friends back when we’s surf it then grab a draft beer and sausage and pepper and onion sandwich at the North Pavilion grill laughing to ourselves how we scored virtually alone again. 

This place then was, and still is decades later, a fickle break and frustrating at times when any number of surf predicting guides and meteorological intel suggest it will be working you just never know who, or how many, will show up or just how the shifting sands will shape the line-up. 

Myrtle Beach SC’s Official Tourism slogan is “Happiness Comes in Waves.” Micha Cantor can attest to that.

And whether you can roll out of bed or need to drive ten hours to get there, if it’s on you can bet on catching some of the Right Coasts highest level performance surfing when it shows itself and this day was no different.

Every spot has its crew and everyone likes to keep it that way, but when your backyard break enjoys such notoriety, you need to expect to be joined by some wave chasers and travelers. Northeast swell, offshore’s and low tide at first light were on tap for last Tuesday. Plug in the batteries and get on it at daybreak !

Bare Wires Surf Shop owner Adam Holloway over the counter and off the top with this wicked backhand just across the Ocean county line as the regulars put on a show of their own.

A guy jogging his board back toward the south jetty to paddle out after riding his first left working off the rocks had excitement in his drawling voice. “Good Morning, Y’all got a great wave here”! 

Me, cameras hanging from my neck and shoulders, knew right away he was not a local. 


A bit high tide at this point in the day but plenty of canvas to work with this session.

Within a few minutes the surfing started to get explosive in the extreme when a few unfamiliar faces paddled out and began to rip, tear, lacerate, busting fins loose and taking it to the air like I was watching a WSL event. Turns out that South Carolina’s Micha Cantor (his first session ever here), North Carolinas Bo Raynor, LBI / NJ’s Seth Conboy along with young and upcoming Outer Banks filmer, Logan Marshall in tow were chasing last weeks Nor’easter up the mid-Atlantic coast, scoring Lido Beach, New York on Monday and Jersey again on Tuesday.

Micha Cantor chased last weeks Nor’ easter to lido Beach, New York then hit Jenk’s the following day with an insane air attack.

 These kids are the real deal. They blended in unobtrusively with the locals showing nothing but respect and good southern manners in and out of the water while totally lighting the fuse on an amazing photo session. Quite possibly the best I’ve ever witnessed here action-wise since I first surfing and shooting here in the mid 70’s.

To sum up, when the bar gets raised like that everyone in the water gets inspired and rose up to the occasion including the second and third generations of local area rippers like Jordan Beverly, Cole Deveney, Adam Holloway, Brendan Tighe and Currie Wagner jumping right over the bar along with the visiting east coast pro’s while ripping the familiar two-way peaks coming in with the rising tide.

Glad I rolled out of bed ! – Mike Vuocolo @mikesshoreshots on Instagram –

Cole Deveney may be second generation but he may have long time Manasquan legend and dad Dad, T.R., beat with this move.

Air Bo bringing a higher level of performance at Jenk’s.

The style roots run deep for Currie Wagner. Dad Kenny was easily one of the better regular footed wave riders in Jersey in the early days of Bay Head during the 1960’s and 70’s. Looking at Currie in this recent image is like looking in the mirror and seeing his pop’s exquisite, text book form he was noted for reflecting right back at you some 50 years later.

Micha Cantor rising to the occasion and raising the bar at Jenk’s.

Jordan Beverly can carve as well as he can skate. A third generation fixture in the area who may be known as Jeff’s son ( who, at 60 years young, still rips on his trademark, red tipped Kechele shortboards and has surfed here longer than anyone ) but he is also the grandson of East Coast Surfing Champ Bob Simon, one of Bay Head’s early and most progressively radical pioneers.

Another of the breaks regulars Gabe Buono, who is also manager at nearby Brave New World surf shop, had the day off so he spent it punching the clock working the inside section.

Cole Deveney gets his fins loose while missing homeroom but scores straight A’s for his performance this day.

Give it another month …

Bo Raynors precise backside carves were picture perfect and perfectly suited for the left runners off the Manasquan river jetty.

Micha Cantor is no stranger to New Jersey, having won this year’s Belmar Pro. It did not take long for him to bust loose for his first ever session at Jenk’s.

Brendan Tighe, a second generation regular in northern Ocean County, will put in a stylish performance every time he paddles out.

On his first wave ever at Jenk’s Micha Cantor seemed to get the spot wired instantly. ( ed. note – For more of Mike V’s excellent photography follow on Instagram @mikesshoreshots )