Miami Super Bowl’s! SOBE Mega Swell Photo Gallery! Presented By WRV

February 7, 2020 • All Time East Coast Moments, Photos, Swell Gallery

Presented By WRV

We have a ton of amazing photos here for you from the week before’s all time South Beach Miami “code red” swell so let’s dispense with all the usual hype and gibberish and get right it. Before going though we need to add a huge thank you’s to photographers Annie Tworoger ( @3rdandocean ) Tony Gately ( @tonygatelyphotography ) and former ESM photo editor Nate Adams ( @nathanadams ) for allowing us to share these amazing images with you. Please follow them on Instagram for more of their work like you are about to see below. – Mez –

Miami?? Damn straight! Jensen Callaway. Photo: Nathan Adams / Optical Tranquility / @nathanadams

SOBE style keg. Photo: Annie Tworoger / @3rdandocean

Just how deep and far did Tanner Stromenger go inside this South Beach keg? For the full sequence hit play on the GIF just below to find out. Photo and GIF sequence Nathan Adams / Optical Tranquility / @nathanadams 

Tanner Stromenger SOBE Swell By Nathan Adams from richard meseroll on Vimeo.

Abe Alluche. Nathan Adams / Optical Tranquility / @nathanadams

Miami stand-out, Marley Puglielli. Annie Tworoger / @3rdandocean


Clean green dream. Photo: Annie Tworoger / @3rdandocean

The Plantains Gallery. Photo: Tony Gately @tonygateltyphotography

Evan Geiselman grabs a lime colored beauty. Annie Tworoger @3rdandocean

Meanwhile big bro’ Eric takes to the sky to get his kick’s. Photo: Nathan Adams / Optical Tranquility / @natahadams

Raddest move of the day? Robbie McCormick’s backlit rotation captured beautifully by former ESM Photo Editor, Nathan Adams. Photo here, and ful GIF sequence below, Nathan Adams / Optical Tranquility / @Nathan Adams


Rasta Rob McCormick’s SOBE 360 by Nathan Adams from richard meseroll on Vimeo.

Dustin Richardson. Photo: Tony Gately@tonygatelyphotography

Local crew on one of the South Beach strand’s iconic lifeguard towersPhoto: Annie Tworoger / @3rdandocean

Robbie McCormick about as back door’ed as you can possibly get. Photo: Annie Tworoger / @3rdandocean

Unknown victim, about as screwed as you can possibly be. Photo: Annie Tworoger / @3rdandocean

But, of course, on day’s like these no risk, no reward. Photo: Annie Tworoger / @3rdandocean

South Beach Miami or Ogunquit Maine? If clothing is the only distinguishing identifier then we say flip a coin by the looks of the observer on the beach. Photo: Alejandro Andres

Total sickness. Photo: Nathan Adams / Optical Tranquility / @nathanadams

Kiko Urteaga knifing in from behind the peak for one of the epic barrel rides of the day. Photo: Tony Gately @tonygatelyphotography

Along with the incoming tankers entering Government Cut, looks like this surfer’s ship came in too by catching this sick SOBE pit. Photo: Annie Tworoger / @3rdandocean

Cobie Gittner gittin’ it. Photo: Nathan Adams /Optical Tranquility / @nathanadams

Pea Island or South Beach ? Not always clean and green Bahamian looking waters when a serious swell grinds up the SOBE ocean bottom. Photo: Annie Tworoger / @3rdandocean

Unidentified surfer. With so many people out in the line-up it can be extremely hard to aquire photo ID of every hot surfer you shoot. Feel free to contact xxxxxxx and let us know who you are and we’ll gladly add it into the caption! Photo: Nathan Adams / Optical Tranquility / @nathanadams 

Dustin Richardson. Sequence Nathan Adams / Nathan Adams / Optical Tranquility / @nathanadams

A pulled back POV of Evan Geiselman about to get pitted off his coconut. Photo: Nathan Adams / Optical Tranquility / @nathanadams

Unidentified charger cranking it around on a legit 1o foot face. Photo: Tony Gately @tonygatelyphotography

Marley Puglielli checking a set wave out the back and plotting a course of action. One can only imagine the fate of the oblivious bodyboarders on the inside. Photo: Nathan Adams / Optical Tranquility / @nathanadams

“What’s so beautiful about Miami is that we support each other. We’re just one big family, not just the entertainers, just everyone in general.” – DJ Khaled – Photo: Nathan Adams / Optical Tranquility / @nathanadams