Miami Nice! SoBe Goes OFF!!

January 31, 2019 • Photos, Swell Gallery


If you haven’t heard the news or seen any photos, Miami was THE place to be this past week when a swell that was not forecast hit for just a few hours. With knee high waves in the early morning, eight footers by midday, then shoulder high at night fall it was a day for the record books and proof positive that this place is one of the most fickle to predict accurately with the swell window the size of the distance between two shadow box fence slats. Florida in general is known for it’s one day swells but this ‘here in the afternoon, gone before Stephen Colbert’s Late Show monologue was over’ variety might be the new benchmark for shortest lived SoBe wave ever. Like most swells, the best thing about the waves not being forecasted is the crowds were way down for Miami where a swell like this can easily see 100 ++ plus surfers strung out between the river jetty at Government Cut and First Street about an eighth of a mile to the north. A solid but not huge contingent of in-tune locals, along a handful of Florida boys from up coast, took full advantage of some great peaks between that on-fire stretch of fable coast with local surfer, mom, and owner of 3RD and Ocean Clothing Annie Tworoger ( @3rdandocean on Instagram ) snapping off the following epic images for our followers to enjoy. Check out the ocean color, offshore wind, and 6 hours of truly pumping waves in Miami that those who caught it will not soon forget while the rest of wish like hell we were there to partake in. – Tom Dugan –

A perfect A-frame breaks just offshore with a nice view from the lifeguard tower. Photo: Tworoger @3rdandocean

One of South Beaches local chargers and former ESM cover boy, Marley Puglielli digs deep and heads south on a nice size wave mid-afternoon. It’s hard to understand how small it was in the morning, growing in size midday, then dropping off before dark. As fickle and unpredictable SoBe swells are an epic day like this at home gets no complaints from Marley.Photo: Tworoger @3rdandocean

Despite it being a bit cool and breezy in the high 50’s’ with the passing of the cold front the still beautiful weather and waves on a late January day in South Florida just can’t be beat. And it sure as hell beats being in Minot, North Dakota with wind chills hitting well under 50 below for a 100 ( !!!! ) degree temperature swing in comparison to South Florida! Photo: Tworoger @3rdandocean

For once there were more people on the beach than in the water. Photo: Tworoger @3rdandocean

Nice size bump for Miami ….Hell for anywhere. Check the guy on top giving it a look and little wonder why more than a few boards ended up broken or buckled. Photo: Tworoger @3rdandocean

Longtime local ripper Dave Begley and his two piece step-up got sent to the beach after tangling with a First Street bomb. Photo: Tworoger @3rdandocean

Beautiful peaks were everywhere and the cellphones were out to capture them. Photo: Tworoger @3rdandocean

When you’re a traveling pro surfer like Evan Geiselman, taking a four hour road trip for waves this good is not out of the ordinary. Photo: Tworoger @3rdandocean

No stranger to South Beach or fickle south Florida wave chases, Palm Beacher Peter Mendia rolled the dice and nabbed this nice overhead SoBe peak. Photo: Tworoger @3rdandocean