Mega Travel Feature! Jamaican Me Stoke-ed At Camp Jamnesia! Presented By WRV

April 24, 2020 • Photo Portfolio, Photos, Tripping

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In late January and early February after a few large cold fronts came through Florida and sent us some solid north swells we heard Jamaica was getting more than their fare share. I was keeping in touch with Fin-S fin system team rider Icah Wilmot about coming down with his surfboard shaper Brett Prinz from Crowd Control Surfboards and the not so elusive “Yeti” Peter Mendia.

Birds eye view of the beautiful Kingston, Jamaica. Photo: Scott Posner @scottish80 / @fin_s_

Brett had some fresh boards to deliver and test and I had some new Fin-S Eco-Resin tool-less fin prototypes to R&D with the crew. There’s not many better places that you can get to in a couple hours and jump right into the surf after going through customs in a matter of minutes. Upon landing we were greeted by Icah, loaded up the truck, and got right to it.

Scott Posner powerfully carving into a fun Copa wall. Photo: Brett Prinz @crowdcontrolsurf

There was a lot of swell on tap for the week so we skipped all around and surfed several different spots ranging from reef points to cobble stone bottom peaks. The vibe is super friendly and the surf talent in the area is very impressive. In the lineup you have Elishama Beckford “Shama the Superman” boosting huge airs and laying down smooth carves along with Garren Pryce “Hammer Toe” doing some legit power surfing.

“Hammertoe” Garren Pryce laid back at Makka. Photo: Brett Prinz @crowdcontrolsurf

Icah is always finding the perfect wave that allows him to combo every wave with styley snaps and airs until they dissipate into the shore. He’s a great surfer for Fin-S providing great feedback as he really puts his fins and boards through the tests. Peter was spreading seas and spraying the photographers on the beach to keep em cool with his power hacks.

Icah Wilmot hooking one perfectly on a green Copa wall. For the full GIF sequence: Brett Prinz @crowdcontrolsurf press play below.

ezgifcom-gif-maker from richard meseroll on Vimeo.

Peter “Yeti” Mendia picking up some snacks and a “wata” at a Jamaican style 7-11 to hydrate in a Bull Bay. Photo: Scott Posner @scottish80 / @fin_s_

Crowd Control’s Brett Prinz had a few shred sessions and he was throwing tail until his knee blew up like a tic! Rest assured his boards were working. As far as my R&D for the new Fin-S fin prototypes (Twins and Thrusters) I was quite impressed with the speed, responsiveness, and drive I was getting out of the fins and can’t wait to get them into more customers boards so they can also share and enjoy the experience.

Stylish carving tailslide by Scott Posner on a fun Bull Bay day. For full GIF Sequence by Brett Prinz @crowdcontrolsurf press play below.

Scott Posner Jamnesia by Brett Prinz from richard meseroll on Vimeo.

“It’s also the lightest system on the market, a difference you can feel” said Billy Wilmot (Icah’s father and owner of Jamnesia Surf Camp). Jamnesia Surf Camp is so fun, mellow, accommodating, and relaxing. The food is amazing and fresh at Jamnesia and the beers ice cold after a long full-filling day. We even had the opportunity to check out a fiberglass manufacturing facility in Kingston. So if things work out we could get some Jamaican-Made fins in your hands sooner rather then later. We love Jamaica. – Story by Scott Posner

The Legend Billy “Mystic” Wilmot setting in his favorite tool-less Fin-S fins into his Crowd Control board before he goes for a surf. Photo: Scott Posner @scottish80 / @fin_s_

Peter Mendia flying into a wedgey oncoming section at the Lighthouse. Photo: Brett Prinz @crowdcontrolsurf

Jamnesia Surf Camp set in the beauty of Bull Bay. Think there’s enough surfboards to try? Photo: Scott Posner @scottish80 / @fin_s_

Scott Posner laying into this one with his high performance twin fin prototypes designed by Hawaii’s Akila Aipa. Photo: Brett Prinz @crowdcontrolsurf

Jamaican breakfast of champions to spark the day. Photo: Scott Posner @scottish80 / @fin_s_

All rail, power, speed, and flow make for a sick turn. Peter Mendia at Makka showing the wave who’s boss. Sequence: Brett Prinz @crowdcontrolsurf


Rum and Red Stripe make you feel alright. Photo: Scott Posner @scottish80 / @fin_s_

Scott Posner “Float’n the Boat” on the bowly section at the Lighthouse. Photo: Brett Prinz @crowdcontrolsurf

Pepperwood authentic Jamaican Jerk. Photo: Brett Prinz @crowdcontrolsurf

Shama Beckford aka “Shama the Superman” cleanly sticking a nice backside method air on another Copa ramp. Photos: Brett Prinz @crowdcontrolsurf

Shama Beckford Jamnesia By Brett Prinz from richard meseroll on Vimeo.

Pre Surf preparation at the Lighthouse. L-R: Peter Mendia, Icah Wilmot, Scott Posner. Photo: Brett Prinz @crowdcontrolsurf

Icah Wilmot getting loose on a fun Copa left. Photo: Billy Wilmot

The food is so good in Jamaica! We didn’t have one bad meal the entire stay. Here is a typical fried fish lunch. Photo: Scott Posner @fin_s_

Local ripper Garren Price hammering one which shows why his nickname is ‘Hammertoe”! Photo: Billy Wilmot

Jamaican them all very happy. Left to Right: Peter “Yeti” Mendia, Icah Wilmot, Brett Prinz, Scott Posner looking surfed out and satisfied. 

Thanks to Wave Riding Vehicles and Scott Posner at Fin-S and Brett Prinz at

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