ESM Archive Dive: Knowlton’s All Time “Sick-quence” Turn

December 10, 2019 • Archive Dive, ESM Sick-quence!, Photos

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Baron Knowlton is one of the all-time goofy-footed power merchants in surfing. I’ll put him right up the with The Occ, Taylor Knox, Luke Egan and the south Floridians best mate, Pete Mendia for hard carves most the rest of the surfing world can just dream of. Real man turn, throw back shit not nearly as appreciated enough anymore in the Age of Air Freaks. And fair enough, I totally dig on flying freaks like Kevin Shulz and Matt Meola ( and a dozen other aerial dudes at any pro infested break around the world ) for pulling punts nobody would dare dream of 5 years ago. It’s good for the sport and it’s eveolution. But guys like BK, they are becoming more and more of a disappearing breed, or at least less emphasized anyway. No offense to the cutting edge flyboy’s but I’m sorry, but when I see turns like this vicious hack ( taken in Peurto Escondido during a free surf at the 2005 X Games he was competing in for team East Coast ), it almost makes me wish above the lip antics never existed. – Mez –

ESM Archive Dive: Baron Knowlton’s Sick Escon Carve By Mez from richard meseroll on Vimeo.