ESM Archive Dive! Dugan Raids Our 2019 Photo Files And Finds Gold, Part 1

May 1, 2020 • Photos, Swell Gallery

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Since day one when we started EASTERN SURF MAGAZINE the lifeblood of what we do has always been the photographers.  If not for a dedicated crew of photogs out there we would have nothing to publish and show that yes, there are waves all along the eastern and Gulf coasts of the United States along with the Great Lakes, Caribbean and Eastern Canada which is where we have dedicated most of our coverage.  With the advent of digital cameras there has been an even larger contingent of shooters and with that we have been the recipient of new talent sending in photos for publishing.  This has given us a nice dilemma of combing through many more photos than we could publish on our different digital platforms.  We have gone thru a few files of unpublished photos and put them together here for you to enjoy.  Some photogs send in more than others but whenever a swell hits more than likely a few photos will make it our way.  If you or someone you know is shooting photos please send them our way as we always like to see photos anytime our coast has waves. Send your photos to: DUGAN@EASTERNSURF.COM .

This is the first of back-to-back Archive Dives deep into our 2019 photo files which are still holding pretty big thanks to all the amazing image makers out there wanting to share there work with you and us so enjoy and come back tomorrow for part 2. And please give all of talented, contributing photogs a follow on Instagram and please support these artists by purchasing their works if something strikes your fancy. -Tom Dugan –

Charlie Current, Jacksonville, Florida. Photo : Wilson Haynes @wilsonhaynes_

Brian Heritage, Barbados. Photo: Seth Stafford @sethstafford

New Jersey. Photo : Tim Lang @timlangphotos

Cody Grondin, Rhode Island. Photo: Bruce Chrisner @brucechrisner1

Matt Kechele, Nicaragua Photo : Rick Briggs @donde_x

Mike Roth, New Jersey. Photo : Amanda Prifti #photosbyprifti

Rockaway Beach, New York. Photo : Thomas LaGrega @tlagrega

Josh Law, New Jersey. Photo : Michael Baytoff @baytoffpictures

CT Taylor, Satellite Beach, Florida PHOTO : Tom Dugan @tomduganphotos

Quentin Turko, Nags Head, NC. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

Chris Tucker, Miami, Florida. Photo : Annie Tworoger @3rdandocean

The Outer Banks, North Carolina. Photo: Andrew Bitleris @andrew_bitleris

Ben Gravy, Ogunquit, Maine. Photo: Jim Ready @picjimready

Kai Delorenza, Nicaragua Photo : Rick Briggs @donde_x

Zoe Benedetto, Treasure Coast, FL. Photo: Mark Hill @mhillphotos

New York. Photo : Rich Brooks @richbrooksphotography

Balaram Stack, New York. Photo: Mike Nelson @fullnelsonphoto / COME BACK FOR PART 2 ON MONDAY!