Cold Comfort: Scotty Sherin’s 12 Favorite Photos of 2019!

December 27, 2019 • Local Photographers, Photo Portfolio, Photos

A perpetually good natured, friendly, hard working individual who is a pleasure to hang and drink a beer or three with – as most all Canadians from this region are – Nova Scotia’s top surf shooter, Scotty Sherin shares his 12 favorite images from 2019. For more of his  excellent imagery give him a follow @scottysherin on Instagram. – Mez –

Nova Scotian photographer / videographer and photo editor of SBC Magazine Scotty Sherin is comfortable working on any platform to get the shot. Photo: Mez

I like this image of Logan Landry because its a little tighter than I usually shoot. I have been making an effort to shoot out of my comfort zone, which is pulled back action landscapes.

This Image of Robbie Goodwin and Ryan Huckabee was shot a few weeks ago. It was the first real snow fall of the year for our zone. A winter wonderland in its most pure form. This image gets me excited for the months to come!

I love this image of Connor McGuire because it’s different from the death slabs you usually see him pulling into.

Speaking of pulling in, if you haven’t heard that we have a few hidden slabs along our impossible complicated coastline one thing I like about my Nova Scotia is we don’t even know where a fraction of them are or what conditions are best for each one. We’ll be digging up nugs like this for the rest of our lives. Logan Mc Lennen mining liquid gold.

This from another session with Logan MacLennen. It was huge with weird wash-throughs. He made a few nuts waves before breaking his board and swimming in. I like this one not only because it really visually gives you what surfers here have to deal with topographically but also the price we pay to surf our rugged and oft times unforgiving coastline to both boards and bodies.

I’m a huge sucker for an epic backdrop… Fickle spot coming together for Logan Landry who knows how to use it as more than just a prop.

Two true surf dogs, Logan and Hugo Landry trout fishing. This is one of my picks for my 2019 shoots to show another side of what I do shooting outdoor adventure catalogue campaigns and, more recently, film projects for marketing with Logan who is quite adept and creating content and getting it out there for his sponsors. And “Hugs” is one great photographic subject to work with!

This Image of Shannon Brown was the cover of the 2019 SBC Surf Annual. It’s special not only because Shannon is a close friend, but SBC is where I had my first ever image published. It’s funny how things come full circle as I’m now in the roll of Associate Editor of the Magazine.

That moment you realize you made the right call… This is why we set ridiculous alarms and roll out of bed at 4am. Logan Landry stopped in his tracks.

This image of Buzzy Stattner might be the heaviest wave every paddled into in Nova Scotia… I love seeing this level of commitment.

Winter surfing up here in NE Canada presents a few special challenges. I can honestly say there are few things worse than seeing perfect waves with car sized ice chunks in the lineup.

California’s Kevin Schulz making the most of a small day. You’re going to see a lot more of Kevin in the future!


Getting out and exploring is half the fun. I love this image of Ben “Woody” Woodford, one of Eastern Canada’s best regular foots, and Logan Landry for a few reasons. We had been driving around checking spots for two days and hadn’t really found much. We rolled up on this average looking wave and they were both frothing out. What the waves lacked, the backdrop made up for ten fold. ( ed note: to see more of Scotty’s incredible work do yourself a favor and give him a follow on Instagram @scottysherin )