Co-vid’s Combo! New Bo Raynor Highlight Reel & Logan Marshall’s ESM Q&A!

June 16, 2020 • Photos, The ESM Q&A, Videos

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We thought we’d ditch with the usual rote, video review hyperbole to accompany North Carolina filmer Logan Marshall’s latest edit, a Bo Raynor highlight reel, and pair it with an ESM Q & A to see what the boys have been up to. Both these kids have got heaps of talent – and Bo’s surfing is truly dynamic and electrifying – with this new drop capturing some of the hardest ripping, back to front footy we’ve seen in quite awhile. Additional clips by Jeffrey Oneil and Bruce Jones, editing by Sam Moody, Q&A by Mez.

What is the calendar time frame this video was shot? March to the beginning of May along with a few clips from the past year or so.

What locations did you film? 100% filmed on the Outer Banks, the second part of the video with the right wedge clips was filmed in town.

Favorite session you filmed of Bo for this highlight reel? Probably the first session in the second song, I think around the three minute mark.  It was such a random day, it had rained in the morning, there wasn’t really a lot of swell either.  We checked the sandbar we had been going too around lunchtime and it was slabbing.  The water was pretty but the weather was still funky.  As soon as Bo paddled out the sun came out and the lighting got really really good.  Bo surfed by himself for the first hour or so then everyone started showing up.  He got a ton of clips and a lot of them didn’t make the final cut to the edit so we will be releasing them shortly.

Bo knows deep. Like realllly deep. Photo: Jon Carter @joncarterphotography

Can you tell us a good travelin’ with Bo story? When Bo and I were in the Honolulu airport coming home as Coronavirus was becoming a worry, we had bought masks and were there hours before our flight so we had a lot of time.  The only thing we could find to do were the $3 massage chairs haha, I think I have an iphone video of it somewhere but those things were so good we both couldn’t help but make a bunch of weird noises and the people walking by seemed a bit weirded out.  To relate to that, we went to Surf Expo together in Orlando this past January.  By the last day of the show we had looked at everything at least five times and decided to explore a new section.  These massage chair salesmen told us we needed to try their new massage chair and that it was a free fifteen minute sample.  Obviously we were stoked and took the offer.  The chairs just happened to be facing the model runway.  To say the least, we had the best seats in the house.

Bo Backside flairing at Black Pelican. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

How many miles do you think you traveled for this compilation? It was all filmed within a 70 mile radius, Kitty Hawk to Buxton.  However, the amount of times that we drove 100 or more miles in a day is pretty scary.  We could probably almost make it to California with that mileage!

Describe Bo and what it’s like to film him and what about his worth ethic? The cool thing about Bo is that he has a genuine love and passion for surfing.  If his career were to come to an end tomorrow and his surfing didn’t mean a thing in someone else’s eyes, I guarantee you Bo would still surf just about everyday.  That’s the kind of stuff people don’t see, even if we’re not filming because it’s only knee high and mushy, Bo will still go surf.

Logan Marshall, KDH, NC iPhone portrait posing with the Cruising Vessel. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

Best thing about working with Bo? The best thing about working with Bo is our relationship. We’re very close friends and comfortable with each other to where we have mature conversations when it comes to creating.  We can both take feedback from each other and work together without taking it as criticism and can make something really cool.  In some cases you have a hard headed filmer or surfer and the final project becomes very one sided.  I like that we are a team with very different views and everything we do is driven off of both of our visions.

We don’t what we’re more taken aback by, Bo’s sweeping backside snap or Jon Carters gorgeously lit capture. Photo: Jon Carter @joncarterphotography

Hardest thing about working with Bo? The hardest thing about working with Bo is that we are both pretty indecisive. That’s not a huge issue when it comes to editing or content but with both of our minds working together to find a place to surf when the waves are kinda weird everywhere, it can take some time.  However for this edit, we had a sandbar that stuck around for weeks that was hardly ever crowded and made our decisions easy.

Little wonder why this guy is a frequent subject for Logan. Raynor slotting at S-Turns. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

Breakdown your primary equipment used to film including tripod, cards, focusing screen, editing tools etc. For the past year I’ve been shooting with a Panasonic Lumix GH5 with a Viltrox adapter to a Canon 100-400mm lens.  I use a Neewer metal tripod body and a Benro S8 fluid tripod head.  For my monitor I have an HDMI 4k Neewer 10″ display.  I have tons of SD cards (All 64GB or bigger) and try to always use the fastest ones.  I edit with Adobe Premiere Pro and have put a good bit of time and money into my computer setup.

Fin ditch somewhere on Pea Island that takes a long walk to get there. Photo: Mez @mezapixels

Favorite place to film and why? I like to film on the Outer Banks more than anywhere.  I’ve lived here my whole life so I know what spots are best for certain kinds of filming.  For example (this might be illegal but I’m not exactly sure) S-Turns is really good for filming on drifty days because I can stand on a house and see for miles.  Bo typically has very colorful boards and wears certain wetsuits so I can spot him from far and in crowds.

Bo and Logan, tight as deer ticks in pre-Covid times. Photo: Jon Carter @joncarterphotography

Place you want to travel to you have not been yet and why? I really want to go to Portugal. To me, it looks like the best place in the world for filming.  The scenery is perfect for B-roll, the waves are really unique looking, the water color is good and there are pretty backdrops everywhere.  The whole place just screams cinema.

Raynor vaulting way above the lip on the OBNC. Photo: Jon Carter @joncarterphotography

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected your filming? Covid has definitely had a negative and positive effect on all that we do, it has definitely sucked not being able to travel and get to the places we wanted to go this spring like El Salvador and Panama. However, we’ve been pretty busy with how much swell we’ve had on the Outer Banks and for most of quarantine and the bridges have been closed for visitors so the crowds were minimal. This is the first time I’ve been home for more than a month in over a year so I’ve had a lot of time to work on my craft and learn more about what I do and what I want to create.

Bo in black and white. Talk about a rad re-direct! Photo: Jon Carter @joncarterphotography

Enough about you two haha! Anybody you’d like to send some props to? Definitely a big shoutout to Slater Designs and Firewire Surfboards for always showing support and working closely with Bo and I. Also would like to thank Outer Banks Boarding Company for helping fund what we do and making it easier for us to constantly get footage.

Logan’s profile in silhouette working the golden hour, another beautiful Carter capture. Photo: Jon Carter @joncarterphotography