Brett Henninger’s 12 Favorite Photos Of 2019 Presented By WRV

December 20, 2019 • Photos, Swell Gallery

The first in a series from top right coast shooters and please follow us on Instagram @easternsurfmag:

Photographer / videographer from the Treasure Coast of Florida, Brett Henninger and muse. All Photos By Brett Henninger @papa_b_tv

This was such a nuts wave. I met Kipper (Andrew Kipper – @softrooster) this day with my buddy Nate. Couldn’t find him first session so when this section came I had no clue if  he’d send it. He did. We’re friends.

B/W Jungle Path. I do a bunch of video work with Martin County, where I live along Florida’s Treasure Coast. With that I’m constantly out checking new places, particularly our parks. This black and white shot really brings me that feeling of walking out on a morning adventure.

Mendia Mega boost. This place is rad. Have to give a shout out to Tarpon Expedition Company over on Long Island in th Bahamas. They flew Pete Mendia and I out to film and explore for a little swell. Pretty sure we were the first people to ever surf this spot. If you want a crazy surf expedition, hit them up.

Zapatillia, Panama. Another shot of me and my people relaxing in Panama. That’s actually our boat and the people are all my best friend’s family. One that will be on my wall some day.

A look down the runway. I love the angle on this one, gives a look at the whole scene. Blaine Walck, in the spot in Panama.

Sunset Sail. I shot this over the summer at my family’s place in Islamorada down in the Florida Keys. I’ve seen more sunsets here than I can count. No place feels more like home to me.

Buried in Panama. I love this wave, the water is almost always crystal clear blue like this. Its a pretty fickle spot so I was really stoked to line up one this good with Blaine. I had already trashed my dome port so, luckily, I was shooting short zoom that day and it worked out perfectly.

Autumnal exploration. I took this shot while I was up adventuring in Maine in my RV this past Fall. We heard about this hike from the RV park managers. Really love how this picture came out. I hope that some day it reminds me of more than just to ask next time just how long that trail actually is.

Blaine Walck gets his close-up. This shot came out pretty rad. I think, at the time, we were both just stoked I didn’t hit him with the camera. Thanks for hanging in there, brother.

This is Justin Rogge at our local spot during the large swell we got back in November. I definitely took pictures of better waves and better surfing that day but for some reason I just like the way this one feels. Life on the run.

Mental Paradise. This is a spot my local buddy took me to in Puerto Rico. I think this may have been one of the best flat days I’ve ever had on a surf trip. I’ll give Rochita (Alex Rocha) naming credit as he was screaming it from the roof of the truck.

A drones eye view of the man who has one of the best ever, forehand power carves in the business, Mr. Pete Mendia. If we could have harvested all the power he’s generated over 25 years of doing turns like this we could probably light up a small city. For more of Brett’s images and video check him out on Instagram @papa_b_tv




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