The long gone, but definitely not forgotten, Quiksilver’s King Of The Peak still lives on in the memories of all those lucky enough to have gotten to compete, photograph, video, spectate or work at the one-of-a-kind, “skins format” contest. Begun in 1999, the KOP was the brain child of Kelly Slater ( he won the inaugural event donating his winnings to a local charity ) and brought to beautiful fruition by mentor Matt Kechele who was the Quiksilver backed event manager / co-ordinator with wife Dianna and was held at Sebastian Inlets First Peak over a 20 year long run. You would need to write a book to catalogue all the memorable rides, swells, head to head battles, victories, defeats and the incredible high level of surfing achieved by putting all that talent together in one place vying for the vaunted crown. Instead of a book or a chapter, we will illustrate that last point about incredible surfing with one crazy Sick-quence! by Shea Lopez during the 2007 event as he obliterated a Larry’s Left lip, buried half his board into the trough as a breaking move and deftly pulled out the recovery with Wold Tour style. For more on the KOP and a ton of great images, click here ┬áto check out our 19 year retrospective of the contest with a bonus photo gallery of nearly twenty years of that incredible surfing that went down. – Mez –

shea-lopez-kop-2007-mez from richard meseroll on Vimeo.