Story, Photo’s And Captions Dick Meseroll:

It was an afternoon of waves on the east coast the likes of which I had never witnessed before and, oh my, I’ve seen some pretty crazy-epic swell events up and down the east coast in my 45 years of pushing camera shutter buttons.

Pumphouse in all it’s mind blowing glory during hurricane Sandy. Hard to believe this wave exists in southern Florida which shows you anything is possible I guess. Photo: Mez

Jason “JP” Prince setting up for the belly of the beast, inside bowl and barrel session that deposits you, hopefully, on the other side of Pam Beach inlets north jetty and into the safety of the deep water channel. Photo: Mez

But this day, October 27’th, 2012 at Pumphouse still does not seem real, especially looking through my take of images a half decade later to post for this milestone day in my life – and the life of a small handful of mostly “local and or regular Pump habitue’s – who took some serious, death defying chances towing into this day of widowmakers out in front of the north jetty at Palm Beach inlet.

It was a dark, grey stormed out kind of afternoon with stiff offshore winds rotating out and around from then hurricane Sandy’s humongous area of counter clock-wise circulation which was 1,000 miles across and having more surface area than the state of Texas.

When Pumphouse comes alive once every few years – if there is no other east coast wave that compares to it for dicey-ness, death slabs and general craziness out in the line-up and in the deep water channel the waves break into. Photo: Mez

Sitting in the deep channel and getting as up close and personal on my jetski while battling flotsam and jetsam of every imaginable kind pouring out of the inlet and having to dive off several times to un-clog my impeller was hairy enough but watching the brave souls attempting to ride these raging sea’s was a whole other level of “going for it” bordering on death-wish when the biggest sets of the day came bombing in.

Hat’s off to that brave crew for providing these five images five years to the day  – if not the hour – that they were taken as I get ready to hit “publish” on Word Press right now. This one is for them.

Thanks for the once in a lifetime show, you’re fucking legends for life in my book.

Palm Beach local, Pete Mendia was born and built for this wave. Photo: Mez

If you want a piece of real Pumphouse grabbing the rope will be the only way you can do it. Photo: Mez

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